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Third poo today and I got a touchdown
cant ewait for basketbvall going to watchboys run rounf in singletwarm then get stiffy then go up to harry petrou and say look at my sttiffy
if i was a horse id be stallion so habe the option to still iss boys
wasnty a pube it was just a crumb FALSE ALARM
im so funny i can imagine the smiles on all my 187 followers faces when they see that i have tweeted
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just got first pubic hair retweet for picture
Look ar my stiffy max
brooo yahoo sports got it alll right @LILBTHEBASEDGOD… fuck kd
i hope joakim noah drop dead like that asian horse in that racing stupid fucking puntz
Canadian boy next to me in class want to kill myslif but need to keep my horses alive
@TheDoctors. When. A female. Dog start. To hump ur leg. She alpha female
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kobe dunk was. good.
tristan thompson like harry petrou on the boards holy fuvk
hinrich look likea grandpa lmao
i hope snell breaks his nose this game
sending a gun to 725 witmer st apt 105. Los angeles ca 90017 so @CarlJBunker can kill himself
getting fucknig sick offthis black mamba ad fuck off
mmum just walk in on me wanking lol :p
Can't wait ti engage in sexual Intercourse with jhye and Anthony in the great outdoors tonight :)
Ahsh segues biggest hey pre I haute her so much
I hate amber so fucjinf much holy shit
Hope I get to sleep with harry petrol on camp
Hope amber jump off cliff and die
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I know. If i didn't. Look like a ugly Dumb ass jennette mccurdy. Might .let me hangout. With her.
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Be funny. If someone. Put. A sign. On the. Small. Lawn. Please.Hangout. with Carl j bunker. Be nice
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Worst. Thing being. In bed 24 hours. Their may put something in ur Pee hole. Their didn't. Do that. To me
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@LizGillies. Hey i don't. Care. If ur gay. But if u get marry one. Of u should. Blop out a baby
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Today stats: No new followers, One unfollower via
Today stats: One follower, One unfollower via
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@APinkCat hey i am a nerd nerd gets more pussy then jock
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Friend. Of mind. Saw nude. Picture. Of ariana. Grande ......know. he gay
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How do I enter my horse in race? @HoovesofFire
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Andrew bogut stupdi fucking bearded cubnt can't rceb do layup