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daniel has froggy dick
gimme some cunt butter with that carot
howw do i shave/?
cooking hot psasta
welcome to papas pastaria if you're a coon back of the line, if you're asian we don't serve you fuck off
There are alot of flys and insects who are very respectful and i can tell are friendly, i get the vibe they just are seeing wasup - Lil B
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Sleeping to evil red flame mixtape <3 @LILBTHEBASEDGOD <3 @EPlCMEME98
Nutted Goodnight @_EggEnthusiast Goodnight @EPlCMEME98 Goodnight @petrouallah Goodnight @LILBTHEBASEDGOD
South Korea scored over 25 do they get a nuke?
I'm done watching let me know when outback shaq is on
Children forced to watch crucifixions and beheadings at Islamic State training camps
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I hope Australia lose
I can't understand the Korean coach
I hope the Korean team read my tweets #FIBAWorldCup2014
All the south Koreans look like beaten up puffer fish #FIBAWorldCup2014
The Korean coach looks like Kim Jon Un #FIBAWorldCup2014
I wonder what a worms penis wpulf look like
I wish people were as funny as me then I'd laugh at things they whoild say
Making rice bubbles
My cat got back on the bed
Just pushed my cat of the bed it didn't get back up I hope it broke it's neck
Me: ayyyyy Mum:who the fuck Me:YEEEEEEEET
i hate bananas thery always remind about how and insignificant my penis is
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Jbdsiubsifdb Can anyone guess that sound?????
Mum refused to make me dinner tonight fuck her
Tag set winta the fucjing faggot cunt
Brb teasin the taco
if you're mexican or fat kill yourself LOL
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I woke up with a boner look how big it is
Think I meight sleep naked
Janoskians are just a bunch of hipster sluts now. Money swag bitches
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Want to dye all of my hair blue or purple, but I just don't have the confidence,
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I hope ome day at school devon rko's chubb and then we make him drink the milk it would be biblical
I hate Emo people Nigger men Geeks Italians
Just circumcised my cat
Im goint to fucking kill that fridays kid holuy fuck I hate that midget cunt so fucking mich neqrly as much as chubb