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Feels like I'm walking on air :,) best $85 spent
#copped #huarache got deals instead of paying $100, only paid $85 😎
It's bout to go downnn
UFO shawty 👽
Getting lit and going to Mizuki's is the move for today 😇
Don't attempt to tempt me
This bitch gmfu
When will I get to sleep in 😒
Leaving for Russia tomorrow 😛😛
When you hit her up like "waasup beautiful😁" and she reply "sup bro"y
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I gotta stop leaving my phone everywhere smh my worst habit
Rly just got fucked over once and then fucked over again two more times in a row right after 😅😅
U know its real when they got your fingerprint on their iPhone ☺️☺️…
U know ur nigga is turnt when he gives u a spoon to eat with your adobo n rice 😂😂
Yes daddy I do
Lmao ur a joke
What's something good 4 thickening ur hair?? Besides coconut oil
Remember when they used to serve chicken bakes at the student store.... #best
I can't wait to come back n spoil my nigga wit gifts 😸😸😸 surprise bitch I'm one of them
I'm gonna miss this when I'm in Russia for the next couple of weeks 😿 #mybaby
Please Do Not Fake Fuck With Me.
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when ur a brat but he still with it
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it's not about who did it first, it's about who did it better.
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Seafood is my favorite typa food 💙🐟
Tryna make it to the top cause the bottom's overcrowded
I fall for my man more n more everything I see him 😍😍
If drake gets featured on a song it's his song now
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When bae going off on you but he right so you just gotta take it like:
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On a Tuesday....
Some random nig gave me his mixtape and it actually slaps..... #plottwist
@OhGoshLivi hi I was just informed you are leaving to Russia for 3 weeks :( :( plz bring me back piroshkys!! 😋😫 have fun!! 😘😘
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With all the shit I been thru today, I BETTER meet my nigga @HBKPLO or someone's getting #KILT 👿🔪
I swear I waste half of my time just waiting on niggas and driving ppl around but the one time I need it nobody wants to wait lol YUP
In my pocket......... In the airport...... Yea that…
@OhGoshLivi stick it in someone else's bag when you're waiting in line and grab it back on the other side of security
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U think if I packed a blunt in my suitcase they'd find it at the airport
Bitches will pop their pussy for their friends nigga and act like it never happened
Bitches be 16 and already having niggas buying them plan B #womp
Sat there in court picking off my acrylics n crying
I'm good tho.....

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