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my manger almost called the cops cuz he thought I was missing when I was really taking a #2 LMFAO
bout 2 be a bitch at work until they let me go home cuz a nigga is sick lol
Can’t grind with someone who ain’t hungry
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somebody forgot to put sugar in my coffee, I'm literally bitter
took my mom out to lunch
i wanna smoke a blunt in bed 😓
It's crazy how trashy some girls can be.
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📍 in shoreline
I need a stress ball lol
money calling ☎️
by the water 😍
landed another job..... locked my keys in my car right after #bittersweet lmfao
about 2 cop a 2nd job boi what are U on
breaking news: u ain't shit, bitch.
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money hungry 💰
u a fucking fraud 😂 I'm the fuckin truth
kisses 2 my bitches
my eyeliner could kill you
shaped like a coke bottle but the soda's flat :/ what good is that?
saw a miniature husky today I almost died 😍😍
and females especially "@SonOfABisquit: For niggas that don't really do shit I swear y'all be doin the most"
when nail salons be taxing because you got your nails long.... um what exactly is the point of a full set if they just gonna be short??
I can show u whassup
rattlesnake goin thru a drought
Dylan was laughing in his sleep n I was like fuck you laughing for and he woke up LMAO
best place to be at peace is by the ocean
findings I found
and that's exactly why you don't depend on people for shit.…
When he knows ur crazy but he still wants ur ass
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bowling 🎳
if u need me HMU on my phone please n thank u
I need 2 go ducked so I can focus on my shit n graduate early...... goodbye
if u quit school to end up working at a fast food joint..... ur eliminated. don't ever try to come for me cuz u lost already lol
I got my life today 😄
stay on ur money mission and keep doin u girl
Her face at the end tho. She wasn't playing 😂😂�YwO
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lmao that's cute bitch don't try me tho
When you thought you were done arguing but you hear him say something under his breath
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When your girl shout you out on IG vs. when you shout your girl out IG
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