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@JudithNguyen: Dom Kennedy in the mornin” best way to start the day 😁
I was perfectly satisfied with my life till that happened lol why me
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craving pho and sushi hella bad 😩 wahhhh
@mistaunderst00d: Ima post hella high selfies later😂😂 Not carin Bout askin smokin on this loud laughin👌😂💨😤💨” should I unfollow now or later
I'm mindin my business, y'all should try that shit... It works
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only one person can stop you from getting what you want and that is yourself
everything we go through is designed to teach us a lesson. what we learn won't always be pleasant but it'll be necessary for our growth.
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I just need someone to have my back and not disappoint me like everyone else
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I'm not getting any sleep tonight, I can already tell 😩
you ain't got the right to be mad at me if you're not even gonna tell me why you're mad lol it just doesn't work like dat.
You just love making my life worser than it already is huh
Was having a good day until I came home and now my day is shit. 😐
sub in class so I know I'm not goin shit in this class today lol
some people cross your path and change your whole direction
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