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Kortney Musselman
Had the pleasure of meeting and spending the day with my best friend's baby. So cute!
Nothing like ice cold water on a hot day. Having a cookout/family get together.
Beautiful day in Indianapolis
I landed in Indianapolis a few days ago. First stop on our way to Houston. Visiting some family for a couple weeks before we start our journey.
Gonna miss these mountains.
Had fun with this little one yesterday
My name is Kortney and I like to make stupid faces in my selfies.
I'm jealous of everyone who has the opportunity to live in the big city. Anyone want to take me in as their roommate? Lol new york city dreaming right now.
Loved the performance last night. His dance moves tho <3
You belong amoung the wildflowers.
Follow my vsco/photography account @avec_amour_de_kortney
Dreaming of living in a big city
Hey sunshine, let me see the smile in your eyes.
I hate taking mirror selfies, but my phone is so big and the front camera quality sucks.
Had a pretty good day. So excited to get to Houston! My new home. 3 weeks!
Bored. I need more friends who like to be adventurous and go on spontaneous trips. Listen to music and just chill.
Did not expect a Skype call from my nanny haha
// Feeling a bit under the weather, wishing I had this //
//Looks like spring, but feels like winter//
{myphoto} There's a lifetime right in front of you.
Had a great time last evening hanging out with these two weirdos. Probably the best thing I heard last night was her saying, and I quote, "Can you imagine having sex on this?" My friends have class.