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Had a dream I killed gage and harris
@Sammy_xo7: Willie — Haven't been around him too much but he's a funny guy & a good person from what i know
Just everything about today and tonight has been so perfect. I'm in such a good mood and tomorrow will be twice as good I bet.
Kobel — This is the funny one, so many people think me and her hate eachother now because of our whole situation...
Devante — Okay now here's the thing about this dude, besides all the people I've grown up with through the years...
#WhyCantYouTellTheDifference between Rude & honesty Compliment and flirting
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shanelle — Fuck with me you know snail got it, haha she's mad cool though and I fuck with that. If she ever need...
Lauren Tordella. — Nice girl, probably would of ended up dating her if she didn't live in panama lol. She sends ...
Katelyn — My ex, but I don't have hard feelings. Shit happened and what not, just on to the next page of life. S...
Lilly — Nice girl that dates my boy Gager, she's pretty and seems to be chill.
Josh G. — I have been so lucky to have a friend like him, we've had our moments and I'm sure well fight so many ...
Jake lilly — Haven't talked all alot lately, but he has helped me so much through the years. If I ever was to be...
Willie!! — Nothing but perfection fight
Travis Maxwell — My first dunkirk friend besides Lugen. No matter what it is, girls, anything we will always hav...
Sam borges — I was told that like it or not she's a dead honest person and keeps it real. I could use more peopl...
Natasha — Great girl, we have had some moments but she's gonna be going places in life
If you take everything to heart or if your too serious, than idk if your gonna like me cause I got that sarcastic side
Ask me people's names and ima be dead honest how I feel about them
I just wanna play all time defense😩🏈
Alex Jones when I blink please be in my bed
@aswish47: I want a girl to come to all my games even the away games cause you care that much. To much to ask for though”@ShitPussiesSay
Kobel sounding like Mariah Carey over here
Today's scrimmage>
Just watched the sunset. Probably the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life.
Start sending me some text tho😉
BUT FUCK THAT, I'm not worrying
And dedicate your faith to the role that you'll die alone
@BigTishhh: My dads mom is always trying to call someone fat. Ik I'm not fat,get out of my face”LMAOOOO, done
Basically like Pre-Season matchup today vs SC. #Witness #gRAYtness
3 more hours😳🏈5⃣5⃣
Girls on 16 & Pregnant crying because they got pregnant. Bitch, you weren't crying when you were riding that dick.
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#BUFFvsOSU is not even a fair game
Ohio States got too much talent
Heading back to sleep but make sure you catch your varsity football teams scrimmage @ 5, @ the turf
The decisions I have made to lead me to the places I am going. 👌
Take you down, I really wanna take you down
And he bites me again
Guisness you bitch