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Flag for inappropriate language. Grown men cannot curse. ..that is BULLSHIT.
@Espngreeny sorry greeny, poor jets. u should follow @OfficialTAZ from tna wrestling. New yorker with lots of insightful comments
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@OfficialTAZ buffalo will welcome you. Underdog. No one believes. Ecw hotbed.
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Rex said Wilkerson feels horrible he got ejected. ..HE LAUGHED LEAVING THE FIELD as he taunted the audience! #IneedAnewTeam
Wow watching Rex on SNY LIVE postgane press conference. #HolyDoubleTalking - he doesnt know the rule of who can call TO from sideline.
Disgusting display of miss communication by "experienced" @nfl coaches by the @nyjets - the officials also did horrible. What a shit show.
@OfficialTAZ That is rediculous. I wonder if the Jets can protest the game, since only the head coach can call the TO and Rex didnt do it
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Why the F is the offensive coordinator calling a time out?? And its granted!! And a TD is whipped out. Wtf. #Jets/Pack
Wow @Seahawks gave up ton of points sucks for anyone who has them as their D in Fantasy! #me At least I have Decker, oh wait...
Wilkinson seemed really upset he was just ejected as we went to commercial, as he laughed. Unreal. #teamguy
An observation: Rodgers has thrown to basically ONE WR all game, @nyjets defense be aware its NELSON #87! Wish I had him #fantasyteam
Rex GUTSY call on the road. I love @nyjets Oline upgrades! Big change from last year.
Gang Green looking good! @nyjets
TOUCHDOWN, @GenoSmith7! The QB rolls out and takes it in from 1-yard out for a 7-0 Jets lead, early 1st Q #NYJvsGB
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PSU big young QB Hackenberg seems to be pressing. ...
BC puttin it on USC, interesting....
WV kicker last name "Lambert". No football player especially a kicker should hv that name! The Great #58, BUT the kid was clutch just now!
Terps v WV game: Refs just got "messy".
I LOVE that @CollegeGameDay @espn featuring D2 & D3 players and lower end D1 players/programs right now!
Thanks @LaxAllStars for tweeting this. Must see, #NeverForget : The Man In The Red Bandana #Hero Pls RT
13 years ago today, was in airport hotel in Houston. Put on tv, saw the horror. Couldn't get thru to home on phone was scary. #NeverForget
On a serious note, #TNA would like to take a moment to remember 9/11. Our hearts are with all who were effected. #NeverForget
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got to give credit @OfficialTAZ speaking his mind always respected Taz speaking his mind on anything
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.@OfficialTAZ is PREACHIN' right now. A higher level of respect for what Pro Wrestlers do week in, week out is LONG OVERDUE. #IMPACTonSPIKE
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Wow @OfficialTAZ is beyond rock solid on the mic tonight explaining how a pro wrestler has the athleticism to succeed in MMA. #ImpactLive
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After @JamesStormBrand's video, we can't wait to see what happens in this tag match! 30mins!!
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TABLES MATCH TONIGHT! Hope #Hardys or #Wolves will leave @REALBully5150 or @TestifyDevon in a pile of wood by the end of the night.
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Wanna see me wrestle?! Well, Tonight is the night! #IMPACTonSPIKE 9/8c Don't be late! #REBELlion
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Sad to hear of Sean O'Haire passing on. I got to know Sean a little bit during our time together in WWE. Seemed like a good man, RIP
Matt Gilray was ranked 17th at Defense and 82nd Overall in the Inside Lacrosse Recruiting Issue.
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Sean O'Brien was ranked 25th at Attack and 80th Overall in the Inside Lacrosse Recruiting Issue.
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Will Sands was ranked 15th at Attack and 49th Overall in the Inside Lacrosse Recruiting Issue.
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Did Roger Goodell watch this video of Ray Rice knocking out his wife before giving Rice a 2-game suspension? Really?…
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Love how 1 ref signals TD & the other guy waves it off, priceless. #BroncosvsColts
Dear @steelers fans, is #58 or #52 retired? Lambert was my fav...Webster was amazing legendary Center.
Dear @dallascowboys - why isn't jersey #54 retired in honor of the GREAT Randy White? #manster
Here's Antonio Brown kicking a Browns player in the face, as called by Jim Ross*gl1p9x
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When u say a pro sports team or NCAA team of any type "sucks" via social media, u lose INSTANT credibility #veryweakargument #immature
Obvious upgrades from last season @nyjets fans - -O'line -O' weapons -Gino is comfortable -D is faster -D'line stout
Ok...another @nyjets season. ...LETS GO!!! J e T S ...Jets jets jets!
Ding! RT @brydertna: The Pat Haden "I got a text" explanation for running onto field is one of most ridiculous things an AD has ever said
Did anyone else see the WR from Toledo v Mizzuo...dude throw his shoe away? Lol.
Best College Football app EVER. Championship Drive by @espn #awesome
Met this girl again last night @OfficialTAZ holding her in 1998 Dayton Ohio. Remember it like it was yesterday #ECW
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No pop for the hood revel.