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Being attached to somebody ain't no joke 😩🔐💍 that shit a have you fucked up😒😭
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Lol niggas too. At least where I'm from.…
Can't wait to get off I'm tired of all these damn shoes b.
Ion think mfs understand that u gotta be loyal during the "talking" stage to prove u loyal enough to take it to the next level😴😴
Give me a year &watch what I do with it
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Watch out lil bih👐
"@KillaKed032: Alotta niggas out here sleeping on they OWN bih. How another nigga see more potential in YO bih than YOU? 😴😴😴" 😩
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Alotta niggas out here sleeping on they OWN bih. How another nigga see more potential in YO bih than YOU? 😴😴😴
Have a nigga ever made you feel comfortable letting go and let the freak out and you didn't feel like a "hoe"?
When a mf find out who you fw it be story after story..
In a relationship it's gone always be a bitch badder. And a nigga with more money. But that's where LOYALTY come in at.
If im fucking with you Im fwu, idgaf what another mf think or how they feel about ya.. And its fuck what ya heard cause you "hear" too much.
Drake best song was "Look What You've Done" I'm sure everybody would agree.
Ion regret SHIT. Cause at some point I wanted it..
Need me a new bezel..
If I got legs bih you know I'm goin to get it..
Y'all bitches way too friendly. Be barely knowing a bih but be telling em all ya business. #Clowns
Some ppl ain't loyal to YOU. They loyal to they NEED of you. Once they "NEED" change, so do they loyalty..
It's finna get cold.. I gotta get some hoodies and beanies fr..
Never let another nigga thumb through ya racks and watch for them snakes that dip in ya sack..
I understood myself only after I destroyed myself. And only in the process of fixing myself did i know who I really was.
Still spending old money..
Experience is a hard teacher, because it gives the test first and the lessons afterwords.
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I gotta get me a freshcut tomorrow fr fr ..
NBS!!! Then u gotta find out r they loyal for what u do for em r they Still Loyal When U Ain't got none. That's Real…
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A wise man told me one time. If you can walk around with ALL ya money in ya pocket. You ain't really got no money.
We can have a million things in common. but if loyalty aint one of em, ain't no hope!
Mfs gonna treat you how you let em..
I be in my own world 90% of the time.
God do some amazing things bro oml
You can't trust nobody out here Jack..

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