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Thane Koi
Up late working....
Ok, I have a contest later on today. Stay tuned to more details!!! #WouldUMind
Just finally finished my final for school. Finally!!!!!
Photoshoot is overrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Time to eat a hamburger.
How would you like a leak???? I feel like I'm about 2rebel against my fucking management and drop this damn single for you guys. Whoosah...
Secret photoshoot in a few. Yeeeeek!
Long day tomorrow...
I just pulled a Beyonce.
Give me some pepperoni pizza then I know it's real.
Re-up on them ass shots...
Coffee and cigs
Catching up to my American Horror Story: Freak Show with the bae...
Thinking of a master plan
Heading to Malibu...
L.A nights with my homies...
Can't stop the ratchness in me! lol pow! RT @4everLamar: @ThaneKoi what why you stick your tongue out like that. Lol. I can't with you lol.
We so ratchet. Lol My sissy, @sawann_b and I.
This is what happens when I'm driving Miss Daisy. Lmaoooo, @sawann_b! 😭🚗🚓
Off to lunch, then head to studio...
2:39 a.m drinking on that Hennessy...
Just glad to know someone I love Is an Capricorn RT @writeinsideher: @ThaneKoi after all that reading. whats ur perspective on capricorns ?
All that horoscope language...
Brushing up on my French right now
I'm hella random, yo.
Can't sleep. Won't sleep.
It's about to get cracking up in here...a vacuum, Windex, a towel. I'm about that cleaning life. Whoo whoo.
I need to get my mind off management issues about dropping new music. So I'm just gonna get tattooed up and remain calm.
Thinking about getting ink'd up...
Do you want the single this week or nah? It is soooo soooo sooo sooo good.
Mondays are a real drag.
"In the attitude of silence the soul finds a path to clearer light. What is elusive & deceptive becomes crystal clear." - Gandhi
Why am I just now cooking late night food Indian style right now? Them munchies, doe.
Oh u ain't know...? I'm the godfather!
Used to have hood dreams, now I rock gold chains, fly overseas.
Ball so hard, motherfuckers can't find me. In the aisle of the grocery store like whaaaatttt?
Ok, here's what I have to say about Aziz Ansari's interview on Feminism: Uber dope.