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Thane Koi
Good morning, lovers...
This is for everybody who cannot depend on theirselves. They have to depend on someone else.…
Back in Mali-bootayyy!
Best sleep. Ever. Rehearsals in a few for filming on Monday.
The things we do. Out of love.
Can't wait for my tattoo appointment..
It's gonna be huge. Rehearsals for my pilot.
Stop calling me, I'm kinda busy...
Call me Shanghai Cuz I'm above the mothafuckin' seaaaaa!!!!
Bitches is TRIPPIN'!
Sweet nights, who's ready for the rainstorm this weekend?
About to hit the gym. #WorkoutFlow
Good morning, mijos and mijas.
Heading to my secret photoshoot in a few...I'm about to break the internet, y'all.
A snippet of what went down on @ApolloNightLa when they talked about my single, #WouldUMind. Tune in to the full video -
Oy vey iz Mir.
Time to relax
Go watch the show, @ApolloNightLA now featuring me. I created a controversy. Go find out what I did. 😎…W
Ahhhhhhh, I need this freaking relaxation. #PamperMeDays
Photoshoot tonight
So much energy. This morning.
Hot tea for my voice. Definite needed.
My bed is my only lover.
"A bit of fragrance always clings to the hand that gives roses." - Chinese Proverb
I will be on @2BrokeGirls next Monday making a small appearance on the show.
8 o'clock zoning
All of my fans need to stop feeding in drama. It was all fun. Girl, I like you! You're sassy. xo. No negativity here. Follow @realfunnyroz
Lol, yall I didnt mean shit on my previous tweets about Rox...I actually liked homegirl on @ApolloNightLA! Let's have some drinks soon.
"Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today." - James Dean
Got cha. *meditates to Buddha RT @ApolloNightLA: @ThaneKoi we'll keep it in the studio.
I got few words for that Roz chick on @ApolloNightLA lol she's funny...but real shady. Can she meet my shade? Stay tuned to the next show..😎
We played our first deaf artist last night. That caused a lot of controversy. Some may say some…
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Everybody who missed @ApolloNightLA last night can watch & actually hear the silencer🔫 that I supposedly got…W
Total bullshit.
Trying to knock out in a few...
@ThaneKoi Hope you saw my tweets of support! Big love for doing want you do. Keep doing what you love!!
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