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Georgie Thompson
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This reminds me of South Africa @skysarahjane only it's gnocchi/napkin causing the chaos not freak weather and tigers! #strangebuttrue
......for the record @OfficiallyGT heard 'Gnocchi' when waiter clearly said 'napkin'.......good job radio doesn't require listening skills..
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Also at dinner @skysarahjane came remarkably close to eating a napkin masquerading as gnocchi. #strangebuttrue
It was something of a discovery to hear godfather soundtrack playing out in spa treatment earlier. Beats airport lounge music any day.
@ShazShady1: @OfficiallyGT ever thought of being in zoo xx” a zoo or zoo magazine? No to both. Thanks for asking though.
Well @joshwiddicombe, that's the first question for Fighting Talk on Saturday sorted @MikeHolt12 @simoncrosse @CharlieCopsey. #MUFC Eek.
I love this very much. Tina Fey responds to an online commenter.
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My @fightingtalk panel thought it'd be funny to crop me out of this photo. (I am taller than this, just!) Hilarious:(
As it should be @extremesailing: Union Jack leads the way again @JPMorganBAR the first team to take back to back race wins in Cardiff #exss
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Admittedly @joshwiddicombe and I could have used a smaller bucket. Ah well, still good fun and for a good cause.@mndassoc#icebucketchallenge
One way to break the ice ahead of first FT @DesKellyBTS @DougieAndo and @EddieKadi… you're up!#icebucketchallenge#MND
First @BBCfightingtalk for me on Saturday. Heading for a verbal dust up are @gailemms @DesKellyBTS @DougieAndo @EddieKadi Sat 11am @bbc5live
Shout out for the lovely @EamonnHolmes and his even lovelier wife @RuthieeL #GiftWrapped 5pm tomorrow @ITV
Great first edition of @BBCfightingtalk. @joshwiddicombe a very good host. Looking forward to hearing @OfficiallyGT next week.
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Brand new season of #fightingtalk gets underway at 11am on @bbc5live. @joshwiddicombe in charge of a no doubt unruly panel:) have fun guys!
Jut turned on the telly. Fancy pants new studio @SkySportsNewsHQ! Very smart.
Been editing my showreel. It has made me laugh, cry and cringe pretty much in equal measure. I need new material. Time to go back to work!
On route to Cowes. Last time we were there this happened. Apparently even the pros can find mooring problematic.
Having a #FightingTalk get together with @joshwiddicombe and team. Arguing already appropriately. @BBCfightingtalk from here on in folks...
@skysarahjane this is like watching SJ fall off her bike. OUCH
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Forget the anorak. Phil Scolari wishes he was wearing Harry Potter's invisibility cloak right now. #BRAvGER
Really excited to announce the Government support of @BenAinslieRacin along with the PM at No.10 #BringTheCupHome
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Think your novelty slippers/dressing gown idea @joshwiddicombe is gaining a worrying amount of traction... Watch this space or our webcam!
On a train scrolling through all your messages about #FightingTalk @bbc5live and they are making me laugh (rather conspicuously out loud).
11-12 Saturday mornings...Hoping we can get away with doing this show in our pyjamas @joshwiddicombe? #radiorocks
Happy to report i have an exciting new job! Looking forward to joining the #radio5live team hosting Fighting Talk from August.
Nice work by the Brits @JPMorganBAR taking the win in the first point scorer of the day #exss
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Just loving watching Wimbledon. Marks the start of summer doesn't it?
I hope one referee at this World Cup gets his magic spray out & sprays a comedy beard on any player arguing with him.
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Herculean Holland humiliating Spain big time. Final whistle can't come soon enough for Casillas. #2014WorldCup
Didn't catch the opening of World Cup last night but tonight... Spain v Holland, not missing that. #worldcup2014
See you later @TheRealKirstyG and @skysarahjane. I'll be the one covered in Band-aids and bruises after argument with pavement (and bike).
Hoping Friday 13th is luckier than Thursday 12th when i face planted the pavement after catapulting myself over the handlebars of my bike:(
Big day for @AinslieBen and BAR announcing their bid to bring the Americas Cup back to Britain. Very proud and excited for them all esp B.
As for Ronaldo, a reminder to men and women everywhere that practice makes perfect in the sit ups department but really, any need?!
Damn phone ran out of juice in ET…not sure score reflected game but hats off to Gareth Bale for pulling it out of the bag when it mattered.
Welcome to the party Real Madrid! 1-1 90 minutes in. #fox championsleaguefinal