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kev moran
I knew space was big but I didn't know it was THIS big. Mind totally blown. -->
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Just seen the Oscar Pistorius stuff on Sky News! Can anybody tell me what man does not look 2see if his partner is ok after hearing a noise!
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I can’t change that I like using really big words, but I can help change the game #RainbowLaces
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I’m a big fan of twitter. It means I no longer have to go for a walk if I want a stranger to call me a cunt.
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'I'm strawberry blonde' no you're fucking ginger!
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It's a bird, it's a plane... No wait, it's the flying fuck I don't give.
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Not sure of the rules but enjoying the hurling all the same on @SkySports #hurling #gaa #AllIrelandFinal
Shaving one leg so it feels like your sleeping next to a girl.....
Justin Bieber got 100,000 retweets for tweeting 'live life full' that's just 3 random words Now it's my turn United are shit.
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Feeling down tbh :(
5 years ago today, football lost a true gentleman. R.I.P Sir Bobby Robson!
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Well this is far to early.......
A Water Fountain Creating the Illusion of Movement.
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Really enjoying my pool this season #goodnight #pool #happydays
Hour left to go :D
Listening to someone telling a story and thinking: Bull shit, bull shit, bull shit.
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You know you're getting old when you go into a pub and everyones singing to miley cyrus #oldageproblems
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Woooaah elvis let the honky tonk man show you how to rock and roll.
Ah hello stupid o'clock. We meet again :(
@TheLadBible: British journalism is still second to none!
Dibby dibby dibby dibby dibby dibby dibby sound #stilldownwiththekids
'Bum > boobs' oh shut up, you don't see girls tweeting 'ballsack > bellend'
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There's always that one bellend who puts 1,000 hashtags on their Instagram photo. #selfie #instadaily #fuckoff
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francis benalis iphone always has 100% battery #francisbenalifacts
when francis benali hit puberty it died #francisbenalifacts
#francisbenalifacts the film goal is actually based on the great mans life
When he heard his daughter lost her virginity. He got it back #francisbenalifacts
Has the same number of World Cup medals as the Brazil team #francisbenalifacts
Scored more goals for Southampton than Messi and Ronaldo combined #francisbenalifacts
@officiallurch @bradleyga9 Scored ONE cracking goal against Leicster City on the 2nd November 1997 #IWASTHERE #francisbenalifacts
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