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Jay Venom
Adele calling an ex: Hello, it's me Me calling @pizzahut: Hello, it's me Same.
Adele: Surprise bitch!!! Here's another teaser Me:
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95% of Phoenix rappers say they be doing the most and they just don't post about it. Nah sounds like you're on your 18th mixtape to nowhere
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No matter how much I complain about my dad I'm honestly blessed to have him in my life. He's the best.
Blessed with amazing skin ❤️ it's important to exfoliate and be hydrated
My favorite moment from the Democratic Debate:
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When the other candidates drag your fave but it's all true #DemDebate
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When Bernie stood up for Hillary and she thanked him #DemDebate
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When you thought the #DemDebate was gonna be boring but it's lit af
I am the Lord thy God, King of the Universe, and I #FeelTheBern. #DemDebate
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ok but seriously though i am already confused
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Lawdd they killing people with strap-ons this season!!! I'm looking for Ryan Murphy's chill, who has it?? #AHSHotel
Me during #AHSHotel commercials: Our Father, who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on Earth as it is
People taking over my snapchat while I take over heirs has literally increased my IG followers by 800 this week 😜😂
I see you friending me and cancelling the request.
You're not sneaky lol
Maybe somehow @jack can help in getting my verified.. I'll drop my album in celebration of that! Let's be real. 😂
Hope @verified is gracious enough to to verify my account soon. If anyone knows how they can help. Please do. ❤️ or help by RT this!
People tend to disclose too much personal information to strangers when they are stuck in a crowded place together.
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Nearing 52K ig followers. Whaaaat
My queen @tyleroakley 👑 gracing my AZ Ion magazine subscription �jU
Fake Fake Fake Fake
It's ironic how fortunate people always complain & speak negatively about life but less fortunate always speak about hope, happiness & love.
I mean in all honesty I will always be there for Chanel. We are both just too prideful.
That probably his suga daddy though lol!!! 😷 he obviously stays creeping on my page too. Hey boo 😘
Dead my ex blocked me! 😂 I can still creep though! There's always a loophole
I'm never shocked when people let me down nowadays. I just hate the fact that i put myself in a position to be let down in the first place.
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If you want me in your life, put me there. I shouldn't be fighting for a spot.
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Thank you @OfficialJVenom ・・・ My dental hygiene is very important 😁 ,and I love the results that I am…
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My dental hygiene is very important 😁 ,and I love the results that I am getting with@smilesciencess !…
people who get mad at you for being busy and productive are people you should get the fuck out of your life
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All I do on vine is re-vine yet somehow I managed to get 900 followers in the last month 😂
I'm thankful you're my friend! ❤️…
Midnight gym sessions ❤️
I get to see queen Ariana next week! :)
Follow me on snapchat :). jayvenom09
My ex is dating and old ass man LMFAO #DEAD 😂😂😂😂😂
THROWBACK THURSDAY! The night @MileyCyrus grabbed my phone at her #bangerztour in Phoenix!…
doritos and itgetsbetter have partnered to bring you a limited time bag of rainbow Doritos! If you…

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