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Jaden Smith
I Build Pyramids Constantly
I Love Kylie Jenner.
I Feel Like People Who Look Similar Act Similar.
Something Is Coming.
The Legacy Of Tron Will Be Missed And Never Forgotten To My Dearest Friend My Home And My Companion. #Legacy
Yezzus Party. Tonight -Trons Legacy
My Parents Are The Trillest People I Know
Questioning Myself Like A Reelection Switch The Subject looking In The Water And I See Perfection No Reflection Seeping Like A Virus Go And Hug Poseidon To Excited
Once You Witness A Cycle Enough Times You Step Out Of It.
Everybody Cries Everybody Lies In There Bed Waiting For That Text Message To Make Or Break There Hearts Everybody's Parents Argue Condensation Trails Only Last A Couple Minutes, This Superstitious Business Isn't My Cup Of Tee I Didn't Get To Ride The Bus I Don't Like To Hurt Peoples Feelings But In
Sin City, Knows How To Fill A Room With Intensity Had To Bring My Friends With Me Hop Up In The Benz Witney. I'm Ballin Like The Senator-
Callin Crazy Shots I'm Sorry Prolly Won't Remember Ya Cooler Than September But I'm Burning Like A Ember Yup, Only Took A Couple shots It-
Isn't Hard To Render Ya, But I'm The Man So Imma Slender Ya I'd Like To Center Ya I Sent To Her A Couple Sentencesus, But She Prolly Acting-
Pissy That's What Happens When You Go To Sin City But I Do It All For You.
Blood On The Leaves Came On Kanye Kept Saying Make A Circle So We Did But The Fire Marshall Told Us To Turn Down With Capital Letters.
How Dose AnyBody Get Justice.
Yet Police Officers Have Immunity To Purgery (Lying On The Stand), Says The Supreme…
"In God We Trust" Is On Our Dollar Bills. In Court You Put Your Right Hand On Your Holy Book And Swear To God No To Lie.
If A Cup Cake Falls From A Tree How Far Away Will It Be From Down. #Jupiter
To Kiss A Humming Bird...
Look Around, You Will See
When The First Animal Went Extinct That Should've Bin A Sign.
Becuase You Have Bin Taught That Complaining Is Easier Than Doing.
Jake Gylenhaal Is A Genius.