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I spell so much shit wrong. Wondaa Y! This iPhone FO IS ASS
No matter what we've been through you still riding an stickin to my side. #REBULT
@OfficialGageC tell him I said wsup, and headasss! bett that!!
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I miss my young LAZAAAS to death man! Shit not cool.
@OfficialGageC u still young enough to turn that around, trust me i was young once....
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Long huur don't give a mfffuckk
Old skool Sam came thru! 🍁
Drinking patron with josh an talkin bout how we both fucked our lives up. And we at the age in our 20's
I didn't think I deserved you, but in reality you didn't deserve me.
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Dirt bikes, $ , guns.
I'm ready to fall in love and ruin it again.
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@OfficialGageC back in the day it eas garland Pd & The State Troppers u jad 2 worry bout.
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Don't nobody wanna be loyal because everybody think they getting played
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Allen tx. It's been a reaaaal run. #apd sorry y'all could never catch meee(:
Hypocrites kill me maayne, how many of yourselves check the mirror..
I want you in my pickup truuuuuck.
Waste of 🕙
Ion got no type bad bitches is the only thing I like....
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gage verse on unfortunate slaaaaaaaaapppppp.
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Real friends won't just let someone talk bad about you in front of them. There ain't no "I'm not on either side" shit
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Got to many problems to solve em! All I need is myself with my brothers. An that's what I got
Loosing people left an right but they need help is the problem. ✌️
Who's that cash kid. Just have y'all waiting
Thank god for waking me up
Going out to eat by myself, slide thru the box.
Straight up shady.
Y'all are all the same.
We shut that shit down last night. #LG
Savannah Ramza on the radio 👰❤️
Turning in to somebody I never thought I would be. Life's a game, play it right.
Tomorrow night... Boy, to many people. 😏
There's to much you don't even know about 😬
Find a new one
I thank myself for not ever gettin a charge.
Get us out this hustlin broke ass life. These lil side jobs, selling, stealing. Comes to an end, this music is just a start an it's COMIN.
I don't love hoes. Never cuffin a hoe, never fucking a hoe. I will keep my lady
Aye, even if you heard this, just click on the link! Tell a friend! Show love for yo city…
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God I want that $ you didn't create. Fuck fame, but go ahead an put us on top 🙏