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@OfficialGageC: I don't trust these bitches cause they might catch me slippin, so your the only ONE.”
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all these allen niggas tryna rap & they mainly all whack 😣
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U need some 1 3ls3
@shAnNr4: I cannot wait to have my own family one day”
I don't trust these bitches cause they might catch me slippin, so your the only ONE.
Out of All my problems... I still choose to help people who need it the most.
I've never opened up to anybody. Not even the ones closest to me No one will ever really know what i be goin thru !
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Appreciate mans effort, sometimes you just didn‘t know what they had to go through just to keep you happy.
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Everything I got was handed to me lol Bett.
Girls always with that "I need a man that's gone do this/that" my nigga what are YOU bringing to the table...
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So tired of asking
You don't really want it you think you want it 🔊🎧
I got a Rookie of the year flow 🙈
Feel way better after last night.
ABOUT to text somebody then remember some shit they did & thought ''Naah fuck em'' ....
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@EricG_Flackooo: If he gotta be on Wifi to use his phone, dont trust him . . Lol” @LazzaGunn
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Really wished my football and track dreams came true.
Shit I might be heading to college in January. -_-
1995 is that year.
Country music definitely had to grow on me.
She looks like man.
Tired of this barley sleeping shit. 😣😴
Never love em but I love emm all! Love them all!! I broke another heart today.
Where's the time gone?
@youngricky_nova: damn I miss you”
What makes my stomach hurt is that God is real but I say he isn't
Back with the vatos
It's a long fucked up road maynee.
@OfficialMontie: I think too much”RTTT
all i ask for now is a ......
I see how ppl turn crazy. Idk why but I see it👀
Cheap cologne big bottles. Versace juicy and some other shit. They always available
Almost 40-50 times. No lie no lie no lieee
@OfficialGageC yeah I kept smacking your face, you was deaddd. I'll be out there again soon tho
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