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Stephon Simpson
Currently the scene in London at the moment... Why isn't this all over the news? #GazaUnderAttack
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There are innocent people on both sides of the wall, the ones giving the orders & firing the weapons are the guilty ones. #GazaUnderAttack
There can be no taboo subjects when it comes to mass death, people are dying in the hundreds, silence won't stop this. #GazaUnderAttack
An Israeli told me I have no right to comment from the my safe distance all the way in the UK, I disagree, the world needs to pay attention!
Who's protecting the Palestinians against the Israeli bombs? #GazaUnderAttack again I only know what I see.
Some Israelis told me the walls are necessary for their protection against Palestinian bombers #GazaUnderAttack
the walls are so tall nobody could ever really climb them but they still have barbed wire on top just incase #GazaUnderAttack
At first when I saw the walls I thought, they must be some bad mofo's for them to have been locked in the securest jail I've ever seen!
People tell me I don't know the whole situation but I know what I saw, the highest walls surrounding Palestine......
I woke up on the sound of shelling now now, I will start the live stream now, please share. #GazaUnderAttack…
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Sometimes I feel the word 'humanity' has lost all meaning. I think of more negative than positive when I think of 'human nature'. Sad times.
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I just made £1.5m damn I'm rich biches, Gillian and Adrian you both rock, I'll email over my bank details asap!
Damn I'm rich biches, I just made £1.5m ain't I lucky, I don't know who you are Adrian and Gillian but you both rock, I'll be in touch with my bank details!
The creative bankruptcy of the age we’re trapped in finds its highest, most perfect embodiment in these fuckers who fill the pages of Grazia
The thirst is real! Wedding day or no wedding day a dude is gonna always be a dude! 😂😂
Today I'm taking my time slow cooking some curry mutton :-)
yes yes @SHOWNPROVEuk are in the ends anytime this week? would be dope to just come jam for a few hours in the studio, #hang
Internet based thirst is the worst, hate it! #moist #stopbeggingit
"You can't floss around n****z with no cheddar"
Just received £60 from Prs HAHAHAHAHA ... from my old band
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I'm sat in Copenhagen airport flight delayed by 4hrs so I decided to blog about @MelissaSteel…
Oh my, wtf, somebody just had to tell me "today is saturday" I genuinely didn't know, that's how I know I'm living this dream.
so many blue ticks in my mentions, it's great to see so many people I know doing so well! #LetsGetIt
Thank you @SAS I really appreciate you taking my need for extra legroom into account.
My dude @CoreyFonville, it was dope rocking out with him this past week! #PoriJazzFestivsl