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Hahaha I just googled Greggs, no publicity is bad publicity? This will be trending worldwide within the hour!
They're still trying to have us believe this shit now, marijuana can cause death when combined with soulless cops!…
Since when is smoking marijuana more of a crime then murder?
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Fuck the police by NWA has the potential to go platinum again just off recent actions alone in USA
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"@LoveAmberRose_x: I'm fully upset about my gym trainers £100 down the drain" cc @altregomusic
HERE WE GO… RT @Mediaite: Autopsy Doctor Speculates Marijuana Could Have Made Michael Brown Act 'Crazy' #Ferguson
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Mercury, Venus and Saturn above the pyramids of Giza #Egypt This occurs once every 2373 years. v @AVargasBellido
Yesterday me and @_DreFish_ were sat eating lunch with @FKAtwigs at @pukkelpop today we're driving back to London listening to her on @BBCR1
@fkatwigs mesmerising her audience! <3
You probably already knew this but I'm realising more and more everyday that I need to embrace who I really am, people think I'm him anyway!
How fortunate am I, days like today listening to @Submotion from side of stage! #charmedlife
Looking forward to watching @Mapei rock now @ Pukkelpop very soon, then @Submotion, @FKAtwigs, uncle @SnoopDogg @Finkmusic @iamkelis! #PKP14
try it, press "N"
damn I just clocked on to the twitter shortcuts "n" for new tweet and "m" to compose a new message, and I found out by accident!
This doesn't make me feel safe, I'm not planning on flying into Stanstead again anytime soon! #Ferguson
I remember that time Adele tweeted that she had been through a lot of pain and I tweeted "Yeah a lot of pain au chocolat". She blocked me :(
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I'm tuned in to @BoonieMayfield's @SoundCloud right now "Put aside all doubt and just do it" that is #real…
Sexy Lexy, what's poppin @FantasticMrLex long time, I'm keeping busy, lot's of cool things going on! I trust you're well bro.
We're signing Moreno for £12m?, Ian Ayre will be Sevilla's guest in Cardiff tonight, anyone watch game of thrones, remember the red wedding?
Wait what now? People are paying almost $200 @Louis1DUpdates #holdupwaitaminute #stoptheworld
A person brought a sign tht said "Replace Louis with Luke",which is stupid b/c she paid almost $200 just stand there and hold a dumbass sign
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we're performing @pukkelpop this coming saturday, who's coming to see @altregomusic??? #BE #Standup
Also really looking forward to seeing @FKAtwigs @pukkelpop this coming saturday.