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10 hours of walking in #NYC The video that shows what street harassment is like in America
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Judging by last night's MOBOs we have a very white black music scene
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Celebrity party 'shut down by police':
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@tymusic @VibeMagazine @kath3000 oh dear! The whole coverage of the Mobos in the paper already switched me off big time!
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It really feels like Mars used to be a here that got globally warmed by some very us-y people-things.
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If you go "aaaaa!" For a jiblion years you stop even hearing yourself say it. Anyway that's just how it feels sometimes.
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More people are literally saying "stop the world, I want to get off" than are killed in war, just take a min to absorb that.
And I've just entered a playground level debate with @kath3000
Suicide is the greatest cause of violent death around the globe - almost equalling deaths from homicide and war combined.
I get why old people are grumpy, I mean look at all the bullshit everywhere in the world, spend enough time here and you will be pissed off!
When did it stop being about saying something meaningful, intriguing and insightful and just about grabbing as much attention as possible?
Ummm @VibeMagazine you know this entire article is bullshit right?… Amy & Lily Allen the 2pac & Biggie of the UK? 😂😂😂
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@StephonSimpson @VibeMagazine @kath3000 oh it's a lesson in playful distortion of musical truth disguised as expertise....
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In truth the title is misleading @tymusic @VibeMagazine @kath3000 this isn't an article about UK soul music, It's an article about nothing.
Shit it's not even that hard to research things these days, we have google.
When writing a piece on the current UK soul music scene next time perhaps first look up the definition of "Soul Music" (CC @kath3000)
Well @tymusic @VibeMagazine @kath3000 at least Beverly Knight was included in the picture...... 😭😭😭😭😭😭
These foxes really aren't scared of us, soon they'll realise that if they chase us we'll run then we'll all be in trouble!
Working on my photobombing skills with the absolutely lovely @KarenHarding.
But if she was saying that labelling is narrow minded then I wholeheartedly agree.
It's almost as if the Sun was representative of enlightenment and she was Icarus.
The irony of @MissRavenSymone not wanting to be labelled while simultaneously labelling herself in the same sentence wasn't lost on me.
Charles Barkley opens up on what he calls a "dirty, dark secret" in the black community:
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"@GeneSeymour: So am I black enough for this room? Or anyone else's? My thoughts.…" Why are we so hung up on labeling?
Yo @danieljamesorig @H3ADPhOnZ4REAL & @ApaTight man like @DevlinOfficial is looking for some fire, I know you 3 have that, you should link!
any producers got some links to some beats ? need some fire
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'I want a normal guy, you know one with like less than 400 followers' ...
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Never mind, I opened the pizza upside down :/ @dominos @Dominos_UK
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@SadderDre We're sorry to hear about this! Please let our friends at @Dominos_UK know of this so they can help. *EV
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Yoooo I ordered a Pizza & Came with no Toppings on it or anything, Its Just Bread😐@dominoss
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Dope interview/sit down with @kanyewest absolutely worth watching, great insight. via @BloombergTV
Yeah I'm sat in the hotel Lobby contemplating staying up till breakfast..... #TimeTravel makes you hungry.
Apple acquired Dre Beats for $3.2bn, approximately 30 days of Cash flow for Beats, which has now increased by around 40%.
Russians haven't been #timetraveling for 3 years, they get to go back an hour tonight.
I think we should be focusing more on this S Club 7 news
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Being mad at McDonalds is like being mad at gun manufacturers.
What's really so surprising about a multinational corporation being more interested in profit than peoples health???
Chris Webby - F*ck Off: Chris Webby doesn’t pull any punches with this one and if the title itself wasn’t clue...
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Nobody is force fed McDonalds, if you choose not to cook at home and eat out then it is what it is.