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Do your research or run the risk of looking incredibly naive. #BlackFriday #Mythbusters
The Grand Jury and American Justice system doesn't mean shit to me, I have zero respect for your Judiciary system America.
My 7 year old son just said: "Don't worry mom. If we want to live, we just have to stay home". I'm turning off my tv. My heart just broke
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I repeat, this man is facing 225 years in prison after throwing red paint on a NYC Commissioner during protest and Darren Wilson is free.
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Diego Ibanez (The man who threw fake blood on Commissioner Bratton during Ferguson protest in NY) is now facing 225 years in prison.
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Twitter is usually good at copying innovations from facebook, why haven't they rolled out tweet editing yet? come on @twitter #youcandoit
I just woke from a dream within a dream and watched the dopest interview, @OfficialWillow and @officialjaden were speaking to @rustyrockets
I think she gets a little quiver in her breeches anytime someone tweets her name.
Highest earning musician with an estimated $96m @NathanEast breaks it down.....
"@MoeAlayan: RIP Bobby Shmurda (1994-2014)" *Sigh* its like he has a death wish :(
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Q:Why do musicians front and act like being in the entertainment industry is lucrative? A:We live the dream, we want it to appear fun.
Because I'm not the one being evasive, I'm trying to declare my taxes but it's proving rather difficult.#HMRC #Technicalissues
Tried to register for Tax self assessment online: FAIL, called technical support:FAIL is this a conspiracy to throw me in jail for evasion?
Hey @KTHopkins I've never said this with more conviction, you maa'm are an absolute troll on several levels. #TROLL
I'm not with this #LFC bashing, you can't be negative and say #YNWA but we spent £100m how much have @LudogoretsPFC spent? #Struggle
Oh now I get it this whole @KTHopkins character was an elaborate joke.… still she went too far!!! 😂😂😂😂😂
UKIP keep winning seats and @KTHopkins keeps flapping her gums, the trouble is there are plenty of people out there who agree with them. 😭😭😭
@KTHopkins you're trying to hard now you horrible cunt
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Brown was not shot for being black. Brown was shot for being a thief and a thug. Give the officer a medal. Justice with knobs on.
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My race is the human race, racism is a social construct but that doesn't make it any less deadly, unfortunately #utopia is a dream.
She basically believes that anyone murdered by the police must deserve the 50 odd bullets in their back.
So @KTHopkins modus operandi is basically to be as controversial as possible with hopes of gaining notoriety, I'll leave her to karma.
It's like Palace have a personal vendetta against Liverpool.
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Why would I put myself through another miserable #LFC performance, because I'm a fan and support the team but seriously WT(actual)F!!!
RT: "@DaMFunK: Have U seen the images of how much junk, satellites & other man-made things are in space just floating above us?" #Gravity
Katt Williams is the absolute truth.…
"I'm going to be a legend or that tragic cautionary tale but either way I'm going full throttle."
WAITING: Watch the video that left stars speechless - then use your voice to #EndEbola with @ONECampaign
how about we all adopt humanism, I'm a humanist, wait wait, there's a problem, what about the animals? ok let's all just agree to #LOVE
Check out @KarenHarding 's Acoustic version to her amazing debut single 'Say Something' plz RT if you like !
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I wish I could talk in technicolor, I can't tell you about it, if you can't see then you'll just never know.…
Dope ass acoustic session! @KarenHarding with some beautiful vocals accompanied by yours truly on the piano.…
Bob Marley to sell marijuana from the grave via @CNNMoney
How many things wrong with the statement "guns save lives" would you like me to point out? @FreeInTX
@StephonSimpson @RT_com Guns save lives and prevent over 1 million violent crimes each year.
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What is done in the dark will eventually come to light, one joke from @hannibalburess and now the shit storm is raining on Bill!
Bill Cosby looks too old and frail to weather this shit storm, a lesson to us all! Don't do bad shit, it will bite you in the arse!
Respect to man like @FuseODG for articulating what many of us were thinking.
Why I Had To Turn Down Band Aid By Fuse ODG Please share this & get the truth out for me #TINA
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Russians can now carry guns for ‘self-defense’
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Philae lander detects organic molecules on surface of comet
@StephonSimpson Hey! please check out my track 'Hold The Fire' from my new EP soon to be released. Please RT!…
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