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Lol to all the people that are stressing about which celebs have plastic surgery:they can't hide it forever
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An apple a day does not keep the doctor away(total lie) but it is healthy so if you want to live longer,eat healthy.
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@venno_s australia is the biggest polluter per capita,congrats tony for screwing up #carbontax
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@senatormilne The north shore of sydney is on your side!!he's taking australia back.whats next?bringing back slavery?#tony#christine
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@7NewsSydney your views on the carbon tax are biased,look at the opinion polls,70% of people were angry when the tax was axed.#carbon#7
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@_SarahCumming what's your view on the carbon tax being axed?#carbontax
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Australia just recorded its hottest year on record.skeptics of climate change wake up!or we will all die
Happy new year guys!
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Quote of the day:today is time for change
I hope the cricketers don't die from heatstroke
Good luck playing cricket in the horrible heat in Perth 39 celcius and disgustingly hot and dry why do people even play cricket there?
I recommend people watch young Dracula it's a vampire show that's finally not cheesy or overly death like
To all my followers and just randomn passerbyers please see the episode of Taylor Henderson runner up on x factor aus on prank patrol
Myth breaker of the day:Vancouver people are not all nice, I just chatted with one who was offending New Zealand and australia#vancouver:(
Why do people in this world even bother having a nazi party up for election?(face palm) this world is so racist...
Tornado just tore through hornsby#sydney#omg#whatthe
To everyone out there if you hate racism then support me in my campaign against racist Susan bernobich(burnt-old-bitch)thanks
Everyone listen to the song 'alive' by the dami im it's awesome I promise(number 1 single) spread the song cause its so damn good!