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Odie Wann
Damian Lilliard is in our bookstore but I don't wanna be another annoying fan lol
Am I the only one who still worries about stepping on cracks in the sidewalk
I swear, boys are the worst at taking a hint. This isn't kindergarten, me being mean doesn't mean I like you, it means leave me alone
If there is any chance that I can hear you chewing your food, you can bet that I'll either A. say something or B. leave the room #petpeeve
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when you think of a joke in class and you're trying not to laugh
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If I had to rate my stress, I'd say I'm pretty close to 2007 Britney
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My heart breaks for other people's loss, I can only imagine how it would be if it were my own😔 #inmyprayerss
Serious question, on a scale of 1-10, how good is Teen Wolf?
Passed my conditioning test😁😌😭
My phones been dead all day and it's been brilliant
Technology has given us everything we could ever want yet stolen everything we really need
We love weddings👫✨ #reunited #stillsingle
Really hoping my time is soon
Why do I only attract creepy, annoying and old guys😒
Just beat a guy driving in an '04 vette and I beat him. I don't think he knew we were racing but still
My phone isn't posting anything but we'll try this again. Really missing these two. It's crazy to me how much of an impact kids can have on a person, especially when they aren't even yours. Love them more than life itself, wish they got to see Aunt Kate more! #sappypost
So this is what it's like studying home alone on a Friday night
My phone is about to get thrown through the window
My phone has been freaking out and calling people so I'm apologizing ahead of time
Kinda funny how the people you'd take a bullet for are sometimes the ones behind the trigger
Wearing all black today to mourn the death of my motivation
Don't know what's wrong with me today
My boyfriend is like February 31st. He doesn't exist
Happy 22nd birthday Cauley! You're officially old now😉 love you!
If I can smell you when I'm walking 5 feet behind you, probably a good indication that you need to take a shower
It's sad that most good deeds are only done when there's a reward or praise waiting for them
Another night in the books🎨 #slc #paintparty #uprisingevents
I have ringworm🐍💙
Supportin' the hockey team! And also supporting not getting flagged for the unnecessary roughness🙊
My keys are pulling some Houdini nonsense on me right now
If my black and yellow don't beat the birdies tonight, I'll jump off my balcony🏈
It's just really sad to me that someone's selfie will get 3x more likes than a picture for 9/11 ever will
Military surprise homecomings make me cry like a little baby
I want you in my life but I don't need you
9/11 Never forget
The more girls a guy screws, the more unattractive they become
@ItsWaltBitch: "hey my friend thinks ur cute" *looks over* Literally me😒�”
I have a no bullshit tolerance this year
Was sporting my new necklace the other night🐍
Need a thunder buddy
Looking back at the past people I've dated and having to hold back from throwing up lol