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Katelyn Robinson
Ryan Tomac. Jesse Horowitz. Seth Albrecht. Cody Young. Ryan Hikila. I'll wear these names with true pride. #theimmortalones #RIP #LOTB
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Wow guys are so cool when they throw the shocker up for pictures, just wow
My car would break down right when I leave my house to go back to school
@Odielicious18 lol want to be my cook? Cause your lasagna is the GOAT!!
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Craziest day of my life man #tbt
When you go poop and feel like you lost 7 pounds
Why did I have a patient named Dixie today and I really had to hold back from calling her Dixie Normous
Give it to God and go to sleep
Not sure if the Candy Crush level I'm on is impressive or pathetic
Instead of waking up on the wrong side of the bed, can I wake up on the rich side
I think if I was given one wish, it would be for all the unhealthy delicious foods to be good for you
I may not be a 10 but I deserve someone who treats me like one
I love finding songs I completely forgot about but still know every single word
I just had to hide from a patient because he was trying to ask me out and wouldn't leave till I came back in the room. I'm a terrible person
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There's a special place in hell for people who drive under the speed limit
It's not hard to be a decent person, you should really give it a go sometime
Sooo I water skied for the first time today #bearlake
Bear lake and water skiing might be my two new favorite things
That moment when you realize you were wearing the price tag on your clothes all night lmao I love life
Joe Nichols🎤✔️ Look past Koralee's boobs and there's 3 other people in the picture
If I open the door for you, say thank you. Thank you
Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. -1Corinthians 13:4
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It's not road rage, I prefer to call it constructive criticism
I swear I've been in a bad mood for the last couple weeks
I shouldn't laugh at this but I literally can't stop lol
Let's play a game called you bring me food and I eat it
I've downloaded about 200 songs and made a playlist so ya, pretty productive
Is self respect even a thing to people anymore because I'm confused
It's time for me to get out of Utah
I'm so confused. And slightly scared
She's single fellas, hop on this philly!!
Why is black my favorite color
Jean shopping would be a lot easier if I didn't have a butt or thunder thighs
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Single doesn't mean I'm looking for somebody
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Sometimes I like arguing with people just cause it's funny
Drinking expired milk is probably one of my biggest fears
I would rather do anything than run
Happy Birthday to my dark side😅@smileitsjttt
Happy 21st to this babe! The chocolate syrup to my vanilla cream.. You really are my fav and I'm sorry for ever making you look like a burnt crispy lol I love you, wish I was there to celebrate! See you soon🎉🎈
Why do I get bored so easily with guys
Lmao I'm playing in the most ghetto slow pitch tourney right now. The umpire is using a broom to wipe the plate
Sometimes I surprise myself with how much of a bitch I can be
Is your ass jealous of how much shit comes out of your mouth

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