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Odie Wann
Just read a sign that said avoiding eye contact is the first sign of autism. I think I'm autistic
Stepping on crunchy leaves is one of my favorite hobbies
Just had a vision of myself stumbling down the stairs because of the jello consistency they are right now
I seriously suck so bad at texting.
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Camp Williams was a success! #WeAreWeber
American Horror Story=Mind blown
It's just one thing after another😑
Gotta love when people only call if they need something
Kiss me if I'm wrong, but your name is John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt right?
Homecoming game with the girls! #weirdlighting #weareweber #reppinweber
Sorry, your password must contain a capital letter, two numbers, a symbol, an inspiring message, a gang sign, and a hieroglyph😑
I'm about to see coach amicone in softball pants😂😂
My life right now is kind of like my room and my room looks like a tornado hit it
@girlposts: math and meth sound the same but one is a life ruiner and the other is meth”
Don't ask me to "hang out". I'm not your late night booty call. It's called a date jackass
Weber State softball gang!#weareweber
Seriously so peeved at the nerve some guys have😤
Don't try and pick a girl up by asking her to buy you something. Not a good first impression. Bye Felicia
⚾️📷 #pictureday #weareweber
I think I found my Halloween costume!
Deep fried food is good for you right? K cool
Nothing puts me in a better mood than not having practice🙌
Literally my only motivation to get through my classes today is the nap awaiting me after they're over
As a college student my favorite words are "free" and "cancelled"
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My hunger right now is literally to the point where my stomach is beginning to eat itself
Is it siesta time yet?
Is there such thing as the 4 musketeers? #saturday #allblackerrythang
High school doesn't show you who your true friends are. Going your separate ways after high school does
Stop unfollowing and following me on Instagram. I'm not gonna follow you back so give it a rest
A great ending to a great year⚾️ #tbt #statechamps #2013
I don't think people realize that the bed they're making right now is the bed they're gonna have to lie in later on
Who's gonna hold my hand when we go see Annabelle this weekend😛
Same shit different day
Treat her like you're still trying to win her and then you'll never lose her
Wouldn't mind a little bonfire on the beach right now #sandiego #throwback