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Katelyn Robinson
Cadavers seriously fascinate me
No ones even at school at 7:30😑
First day of school and in already stressed about this semester😔#overloadd
I haven't missed walking Weber's campus. #stairsonstairs
About 19 Fridays until I'm staying at a Disneyland Resort😛
The commercial we all hated but couldn't help but sing along with GET CONNECTED FOR FREE WITH EDUCATION CONNECTION
'Murica🇺🇸 #weareweber #we'reback
Officially gone from home. Round 2 of college, here I come!
Please neuter your cats. And weird friends and relatives
I'm just taking solace in the fact that some of the best days of my life haven't even happened yet
Feelin pretty lonely lately
I hate that movies and tv shows can suck you in and make you feel every emotion and tear you apart when something bad happens
If you've watched One Tree Hill, you know to never name your kid Dan
I guarantee 90% of the people making ice bucket challenge videos aren't even donating but just want attention😑 stopppp
You can't be ugly and have a shitty personality. It basically defies physics, you have to have something going for you
My biggest complaint about the way of life is that Friday is too close to Monday and Monday is too far from Friday
Majoring in procrastination and minoring in sarcasm
Worst part about leaving for college. Gonna miss these two! #hunterman #slobberpuss
I can't date anyone who doesn't use the correct form of "your" and "there"
If you pay for the food, I'll gladly cook for you