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Happy Birthday to little J-willy! Haha the first person I met at Weber and a friendship that I hope lasts forever! Love you!
When something isn't funny but you're somewhere where it's really inappropriate to laugh so it becomes hilarious
I'm about 15 years late but I finally saw the princesses for the first time! #disneyland #vacation #birthdaymonth
Disneyland is treating us good. Our pockets not so much
I think we're pretty incredible #californiaadventures #vacation #birthdaymonth
Christmas time at the happiest place on earth🎄🏰 #disneyland #christmas #birthdaymonth
I don't so MCM but I'll do anything for him
Listening to Disney pandora on the drive to Disneyland to prepare myself for the next couple days😏
Vegas and Cali! Gonna be a good week😈
Vegas and California, here we come!🌆🌅 #vacation #birthdaymonth
In honor of our Christmas party tomorrow.. Haha flash back to last years party🏀 #halfcourt
I know it might be cliche but home really is where the heart is
A much needed month at home begins in T-12 hours🙊😛
Is it more pathetic that I'm turning up alone at my apartment or that I'm actually enjoying myself
Dear Fall of 2014, BYE BITCH. Sincerely, Yours Truly
Please let the Anatomy gods help me get an 80 on this final. Pray for me people
Just one more paper and one more final😬
The fact that I'm still up writing a paper and still have another one to do tomorrow really grinds my gears
A little break from homework #christmas #birthdaymonth
My birthday is on the shortest day of the year😑
I learn more during a review than I do during the whole entire semester
A little triple date to the Ogden lights! Look at that diversity😉 #christmasspirit #selfiebelieveitornot #birthdaymonth
Watching snap stories from last night and currently sitting here like: WTF?!
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@smileitsjt: Watching snap stories from last night and currently sitting here like: WTF?!” Lmao literally, WTF
Will someone please have a Jackass movie marathon with me
An old lady just came up to me and said don't worry about pulling down your dress cause you're beautiful. Flaunt it while you got it lol
Most people would rather have 15 seconds of fame than a lifetime of purpose. And that's what wrong with our generation
Seriously so sick of this feeling
Happy Birthday to one of the most genuine people I know! Hope it's a good one Hogie, you deserve it!
Was walking. Didn't see the curb. You know the rest
You know finals are among us when you are forced to study 6 straight hours in order to even so semi decent on a test😑
Chick Pick a million years ago with this chump! #tbt #cheesin
How is it possible to feel so alone when I'm surrounded by so many people
Hi, I live in the nation of procrasti
Intelligent men are so attractive😩
Just wanna cuddle
when u get home from school and ur craving cereal
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The word lovers isn't in my vocabulary unless it's in-between meat and pizza
I'll lose all the circulation in my arms before I take two trips to bring in the groceries
At a point in my life where I only wanna surround myself with people who make me a better person. No more bullshit