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Odette Cruz
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Cheer up a cold, wet dreary day with a shot of the pOny Art Gallery! OH THE COLORS!!!
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You know it's f%$#*ing freezing when you take a trip to Hoth to warm up. #polarvortex #starwars
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HAPPY 3597! Gonna be the best year yet!
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You think this weather is bad? Try visiting a planet where the snow is HOT.
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Product Idea: A “personal massager” that looks like a Dalek. The perfect gift for all the pervnerds on your list! #DrWho
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Does it count as a violation of the Prime Directive if you have sex with a talking half cow/half gymnast? They initiated it!
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Some of our diehard fans circa 1994. Ain't they cute??
Mondays suck right? We don't have jobs, so we wouldn't know.
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Sometimes we call K.E.V.I.N. “Data” because it annoys him. Which is exactly why we do it. We’re not what you’d call mature.
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Knock Knock. Who’s there? Doctor. Doctor Who? AN ALTERNATE FUTURE. #NerdJokes #DrWho
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So far, the scariest dimension yet was the one where EVERYONE was that woman who over-decorates her cubicle. F*cking terrifying.
RT @pOnytheband: Hurtling through space pondering the physics of inter-dimensional travel and string theory. JUST KIDDING WE’RE WASTED!!!
RT @pOnytheband: Alternate realities are like cable channels. Way too many, and most of them just show Big Bang Theory re-runs. #bazinga
RT @JohnDC: Incredibly beautiful words. @RollingStone: Laurie Anderson's Farewell to Lou Reed
RT @pOnytheband: Wow, that last dimension-hop was ROUGH. President Kardashian hated our music then tried to pay us in false eyelashes. WTF??
RT @pOnytheband: Rick Rubin Returns to Dorm Room Where Def Jam Records Began via @ComplexMusic
RT @pOnytheband: New York you think u could make it with.. "Frankenstein" #halloween #newyorkdolls
what the heck am I doing up this early? getting psyched for HALLOWEEN!!!
RT @pOnytheband: Parallel universes are filled with parallel assholes.
RT @pOnytheband: Who knew there was a dimension populated exclusively by smoking babies? Babies? Smoking constantly?
RT @pOnytheband: And now we’re in dimension where they all communicate in guitar riffs. @PaulineTpOny just told them “hopscotch shoes gi...
"The multiverse a very f*cked up place. Or technically, are very f*cked up places that occupy the same f*cked up space/time" - @pOnytheband
Hey, at least they show up to our shows! RT @pOnytheband: We’ve seen the future. We didn’t realize the movie #Idiocracy was a documentary.
Nah, they started it. RT @pOnytheband: Does it count as a violation of the Prime Directive if you have sex with a talking half cow/half...
RT @pOnytheband: Just entered a timeline that makes the #Watchmen comic look like a rom-com. @YoshikopOny likes it a little too much.
What a surprise this was tweeted at 4:20 by @pOnytheband: "Wormhole is a funny word. Worm. Hole. Wormhole. #high"
24 hours til the @pOnytheband crew hits #NYCC!!! Who wants shwag?
RT @pOnytheband: Pro Tip: When purchasing tampons on another planet, be sure to specify “Earth Lady.” Trust us on this one.
RT @pOnytheband:Hurtling through space pondering the physics of inter-dimensional travel and string theory. JUST KIDDING WE’RE WASTED! #TGIF
Crazy Aliens! RT @pOnytheband: Who knew there were so many ways to offend alien beings? Lighten up, bitches!
really? of course you would Nina. RT @NinaLpOny: awwww I think K.E.V.I.N. is kinda cute @pOnytheband @YoshikopOny
RT @pOnytheband: Have you ever taught a 7-foot tall sentient jellyfish how to play a Bo Diddley riff? It’s awesome and a little gross.
RT @pOnytheband: Sometimes it’s hard to tell if this paranoia is legit or herbally induced. But something seems to be following us.
You're right, there were NO winners ewww RT @pOnytheband: We used to play a game in the 80s called “What Will That Payphone Receiver...
RT @pOnytheband: Alternate timelines are SO freaky. It looks just like NYC only everyone has Hitler mustaches. Even the babies.
I know you're following me on Twitter but are you following me on Facebook? DO IT!…
RT @pOnytheband:T.W.A.T. travels through time, space & dimensions, but they didn't install a cigarette lighter WTF??
RT @pOnytheband: Just played a gig in 16th-cent England. We blew their wimples off! Now a big hooded dude is sharpening something gotta go!
Humpday is rockin!
when is it that you don't want a big pepperoni? haha RT @NinaLpOny: PEPPERONI please..... @pOnytheband @YoshikopOny @jeremoss
RT @pOnytheband: We love Arturo's Pizza, fugghettabout it! via @jeremoss
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