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Oluwatosin Odedele
"There is surely a future hope for you,and your hope will not be cut off"-Prov23:18
A wise man has great power and a man of knowledge increases strength-Prov24:5
Your mentor is not supposed to be running after you; it is your responsibility to keep your mentor posted about your progress
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Never disturb your mentors with questions he has answered in his book or cd it is a waste of his time.
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"@ToyinIbitoye: AFN for weightlifting? “@Sulaima39127838: @ToyinIbitoye I blame the medical department of the AFN for negligence”" LMAO
AFN for weightlifting? “@Sulaima39127838: @ToyinIbitoye I blame the medical department of the AFN for negligence”
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Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of knowing u did your best to become the best that u are capable of being. -John Wooden
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Can you dance? Hey you can win $10,000 in the Skales #shakebody video contest.8
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Ministry of @HealthNG issues emergency numbers for Ebola virus - 08023310923, 08097979595 Email: . Pls RT
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Being a computer science student is very different from being a real-life software engineer
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Meeting real people is worth it. Tell someone about a friend and let someone share from your world @HRH_Bee @odedeletee @realstyle06
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Your level of magnetism must be such dat when people come in contact wit u; they always ve what to take away @lanreolusola #SpeakersCorner
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Till i come again with a new series of insights, stay strong, stay blessed,remain in God's presence #JobandFriends
I sincerely hope somebody was impacted by these insights&I pray that you are the kind of friend dt will always be remembered #JobandFriends
You may not be with a friend forever but the impact you make on your friend will remain forever #JobandFriends
...We take the easiest route to bail out and avoid admitting our errors. Never be intimidated by your friends #JobandFrineds
For fear of what people’s opinion/condemnation of us will be, we fail to do the right thing... #JobandFriends
Whenever you act, remember that there is a reward for all you do and it can come faster that you imagined #JobandFriends
Never be alarmed when the people who revere you are quickest to mock you #JobandFriends
...But with good friends you can always weather the storm #JobandFriends