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hate waking up from a nap make me feel like i missed everything that happened
snapchat // trill_monsterr
finally happy again
@__goodliving: Highlighters on my feet😂”
watch these teachers be jolly as shit , like " how was ur 4 day weekend " foh .
@kharbouch_xo: Wl My Baby❤️”👀👀👀
i wasnt born to please anyone except myself
u cant let people feel relevant
people will forever try to ruin your happiness
should i pull them out tmr 👀🙇 ? hmmm
teachers really must think we dont have lives outside of school 😐
beyonce voice melts my heart 😩👏
resentment x beyonce 🙌🙌🙌🙌
@Annayakay: @oddwill_ just super gassed me. now I gotta take booty pics 😂😫🙌”omgggg 😩😩😩😩🙌🙌
@btw_imlahti_: Oomf is a snake 😒”👀👀👀
@nalucasss: I miss oomf a lot...😥😔”
always grind for what u want 💯
wished i live next to bae 😩
no time for iffy people
@blusymone: everybody was like, "what happened to your blue hair??" 😭😭😭😔”
most of the things i know are from life lessons
front now fein later 😴
being spiteful is a HUGE turn off 😐
being childish is a HUGE turnoff 😐
stop caring a long time ago 👐
@dvejvh_: this bitch breath yoooooo😩”👀👀👀
snap me thou // trill_monsterr
i like being lowkey with my nigga ✊💏
some niggas need to learn how to put their pride to the side 👐
i dislike socks 😐
niggas love calling bitches thots when they get dubbed
i will really slice a nigga up , keep playing with me
ever stop fucking with someone and every time u see them they become uglier by the minute 😂😐
i deadass fall asleep in every class
no longer stressin ', its not good for my health
somethings are worth the give up
im single so therefore i do what i want
in the mood for a bec 😋
am i the only one already tired of school ?
i miss oomfs lowkey thou 😴
@lavishking__: Have no idea what I'm wearing tm”
cant change a person who doesnt realize their mistakes
bitches walking like penguins trying so hard to not mess up they ups 😂😂😂
why do people as k me bout this nigga like his mother 😐