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neither one in competition 💁
ugh i need to dead this nigga but ion wanna b mean 😩😂
lol honestly the money is motivating 😊
when all this is jokes to me 😂😂 , sorry if any feelings are caught
honestly yall need to worry about attend a upscale college instead of worrying about us "wack seniors" 😂👐
niggas mad bc they aint have snapchat in highschool ? 😂
with all honesty classes 2013-2015 still in hood not doing nothing with lives 😂
when u wanna hit someone up but u know the convo gonna go left
i need some motivation 😩
i need to stop doing homework last minute 😐
im starvinggggggg
goal : to be come famous so i can be rich
its not my place to stress over anyone that doesnt want to be in my life ..
i should be waking up to breakfast 😐
up without a soul to talk to 💀
i need to come up with a side hustle lol
wayy too young to stress my self bout any boy 😂
all i know is that money is green 😎
when shawty always tough on twitter 😂
need to start getting in shape for prom 😓
whats an ex 😳 lol
senior year ? grind time 🙇
first u get that money then u get that power
cant wait to b rich 😎
when it aint hit u that you're graduating this year 😳
getting bundles in the mail = happiness 😊
my problem is that i always have my guards up . . .
learn to accept that im going to b lonely forever 😊
twitter is so corny to me now 😂
if u aint have no type of glo then god dnt like u 😂
people be so quick to snake u out for something that benefits them its crazy ..
watch who u trust ☝️
i dont even get excited for my birthday lol its sad
hate being in my feelings
lmfaooo people gonna pull up to people jobs ? 😂😂😂😂👏 BITCH WHERE
cant wait till im settled and rich 😎
a nigga gonna do what he wanna do at the end of the day 👐😊
when u have to lie to cover up for your friend 😊😊😊
time is going by so quick 😩
my only focus rn is my money
just want a nigga i can stunt with 😊😊
the glo will happen slowly 👏🕓🕔
in need of a scammer boyfriend 😂
snap your nudes 😎 : trill_monsterr lol
no room for temporary people 👐
hoping i get put next to someone smart asf tmr 😩😂
when u dk how to study 😐
focusing on the money this summer , watch the glo up 😎
fat bitches make me sick 😂😩

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