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people be so quick to snake u out for something that benefits them its crazy ..
watch who u trust ☝️
i dont even get excited for my birthday lol its sad
hate being in my feelings
lmfaooo people gonna pull up to people jobs ? 😂😂😂😂👏 BITCH WHERE
cant wait till im settled and rich 😎
a nigga gonna do what he wanna do at the end of the day 👐😊
when u have to lie to cover up for your friend 😊😊😊
time is going by so quick 😩
my only focus rn is my money
just want a nigga i can stunt with 😊😊
the glo will happen slowly 👏🕓🕔
in need of a scammer boyfriend 😂
snap your nudes 😎 : trill_monsterr lol
no room for temporary people 👐
hoping i get put next to someone smart asf tmr 😩😂
when u dk how to study 😐
focusing on the money this summer , watch the glo up 😎
fat bitches make me sick 😂😩
when ur phone is broke asf
who ever thought of the common core deserve to get slapped tf up 😐
now a days you cant take anyone serious
what i dont get is we learn all this bullshit to not use 12 years from now 😐 like tf
im really over school at the point 😐
tired of dwelling over the same thing
just want a boyfriend that will give me attention and good head 😩👐
can school just be done already 😩
theres always that one ex that will never give up 😂
niggas talk more than bitches these days ..
no disappointments 👏 im proud
prom next year is definitely a slay 💪😩
dnt waste my time , truly appreciate ☺️
someone have a gtg 👀👀👀👀
never wanted to hate someone as much as i wanna hate this one person 😒
when the person you use to talk to tell you dont worry bout that one bitch and when yall stop talking he on her dick 💤 like what ?!
@btw_imlahti_: Mention me with songs that yall wanna here for junior prom !!”hear* cotton eye joe !
cant stand a person that's constantly looking for attention
i was never the type to chase but if you see me trying with everything in me , APPRECIATE THAT SHIT !
giving a person chance after chance and they dont try to change , gets old and annoying 😐
i hate when people post themselves crying on social media like 😳
never met someone soo worried about me 😩😂
i really dread going to copiague highschool every morning 😩
that flinch game has me weak 😂😂
as long as me and mine is good 💪
damn niggas be old asf , still chasing after 8th graders 😂👐
why lie ? i could honestly careless for the truth but do no lie to me !
when the person you been there for through it all cuts u off 😭✌️

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