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Lukaku? The same player who got marked out of a game by a defender fresh from the championship over the weekend?
United's transfer policy this summer is almost as opaque as last summer. Something odd is happening at OT. Long may that continue!
The truth will set you free...but'll make you VERY angry.
Haha! RT @ama_kusi: If u are a van u will be successful at old trafford. With that said when do we sign van damme?
U dont say! RT @ama_kusi: Courtois is so overrated.
Keep on hating ama! RT @ama_kusi: Burnley sucks mate.
Hazard can literally get past anybody... Mark that, ANYBODY! #cfc
Well Oscar isn't looking so Sharp, is he.
Whoa!! That's a great team goal! #cfc
Tottenham? RT @RacingTipster_: Premier League ending 1st @chelseafc 2nd @MCFC 3rd @Arsenal 4th @LFC 5 @ManUtd 6 @Everton 7 @stokecity
All that Positivity gathered from the Pre-season game went away just like that! #ManUtdvsSwansea
Lol, Nani! For real!?
Man U how far!
Its not about what I heard son, its about what I havent heard! RT @sammiejozie: @obinnaSMG wetin you hear
naira bet oshey! RT @DavidAnda_: Sterling, Sturridge, Lovren do me good. #FPL
Mourinho! Mourinho! This man too talk!
asin eh, It just killed my moral. RT @DavidAnda_: I don't like the song. RT @obinnaSMG: Was N-word remix a colossal disappointment or what!
Was N-word remix a colossal disappointment or what!
@_Oviae_: Can you people just shuttup with the predictions and wait till the matches start?”asin eh
@chuck_gizzy: Oscar gets no 8? How come I'm just hearing” he had to give back drogba's
@Debbs_Williams: Clean slate, fresh start. Old things are passed away, all things have become new #MUFC” cool story tho
@uncensoredIII: Lol.. Mourinho Talks too much.....”way too much man!
@SantosTHEBOSS: Church is now business.”Lastma son
"@davidoghe: Yes grandpa"@obinnaSMG: "@Strawz5: Hmm "@davidoghe: When the time comes,you will know who you really are."" deep son!"" lol
"@Strawz5: Hmm "@davidoghe: When the time comes,you will know who you really are."" deep son!
"@JAYKINGSON: Ontario" u there son?
But this CanadaPost be playing tricks tho.
Lol, U`re officially a prostitute! #JCole RT @DavidAnda_: In love with Kanye allover again.
Religion is probably the most dividing factor in the world. Not sure racism comes close.
"@AlexvanBeek: Water is only wet because I fingered it." Haha
And that is just the most boring piece of crap! #TeenWolf
HBD 2 d smallest girl w/ d biggest heart. Lol @DominicLauretta She's d only person that u'd steal from & still wanna cook for u. Lol. #Bless
This one and her colossal propensity to always fuck up my sleep!
Physical beauty is fickle and fleeting.
haha! RT @DavidAnda_: Lmao RT @FemiMykael: LooL “@aisida: Mourinho knew why he bought Fabregas. He go split defences like Moses rod”
Well, Diego Costa has been scoring this pre-season. Yes, I know its just a pre-season but it gives relief for whats to come.
The evil that men do.
@NNRDGSH soccer Sir. lol
@NNRDGSH lol, get of here! for real, Sir? It sure makes for a good name i guess. lol, yh it is. Its the "Jawtical," it just has to be wild.
Shout out to Surulere boys tho. The smartest Yahoo boys ever. #Sacarsm
Hey, @akj_luiz happy Birthday beautiful!
@DavidAnda_ haha! your bio is killing me!
God bless Nietzsche! #philosophy
Well, Reina just wants to win trophies... Even if he does it while sitting on the bench all season. Now, that`s class!
According to @bet365 Chelsea are firm favorites to win d EPL with odds as low as 15/8. Can`t wait to see Jose`s new stand point for excuse.
"Man's reach exceeds his grasp" More true than true.
The way of the future.
The first rule of politics: the ballots don't make the votes, the counters do.
From the Sony Walkman... now porn is just clicks away... The Slippery slope or what!