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Aston Villa need to put one more in as soon as possible.
"@DavidAnda_: @obinnaSMG lol don't mind the foolish boy. He cut out what was after that." I totally agree. Haha!
"@Ruthkimo: Just cause i delete you from snap chat doesn't mean you shouldn't say hi to me in public 😂😂" LOL!
The chance of the bread falling with the buttered side down is directly proportional to the cost of the carpet. #MurphysLaw
@cynderwell @ClemDaBoss and Brendan did the same damn thing with the Suarez money
@cynderwell @ClemDaBoss come to think of it, don't they learn! They saw what Spurs did with their Bale Money and how it didn't come out well
@ClemDaBoss @cynderwell lol. Now he knows being a "Mourinho" is not a day's jobs.
@ClemDaBoss @cynderwell Ahh! We should expect their ship to keep sinking then. He need to get his shit together tho.
@cynderwell @ClemDaBoss he was tryna be genius
@ClemDaBoss @cynderwell he was tryna punish him for poor form and now look what they brought -a 3-0 thumping
Nope. brendan just felt like playing a wilcard...a wildcard against manU! fuckn ManU! RT @cynderwell: @obinnaSMG I thought he was injured
I still can't wrap my head around Brendan's decision to not field Mignolet. Like that decision alone cost them two goals!
J. Cole is just... Quite frankly, no words atm.
lol RT @BreannaBoren: "Behind every strong man is a strong cunt-faced witch monster." Hahah! 😂@OITNBB
All w`on do is be free!
I love Shelley Mahoney!
@omobolaji69Josh @teephaarr you bloody blokes! Buhari, in this case, would be the angel u don't know. We know all bout the Devil -GEJ.
Because, lets face it, the devil you know is better than the angel you don't..
Even when we don't know the utopia or dystopia that may lie at the "other side", we are, ultimately, afraid to die.
Prophet Mohammed says; "Nobody becomes a prophet who was not first a shepherd". Always keep that in mind.
Why are physicists atheists generally? Because they tend to be law-abiding citizens. See what I did there... Lol
Until we all think its okay for females to be hit by men or for females to be drunk, yall should pipe down on that gender equality shit!
More people now feel Teachers are most comparable to Doctors. A huge boost for that profession really.
The remarkable thing about Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi’s twin hat-tricks is they are no longer really remarkable. - Sid Lowe
I'm still tryna figure out why DVD rental shops still exists!
Apparently, Choke-hold is now a thing.
We should have kept Lampard.
yh, I think 9 would be nicer, Yes RT @chingy_alex: 9 would do"@obinnaSMG: Aguero is injured! Yes! pls God, let him be out for 4months!"
Aguero is injured! Yes! pls God, let him be out for 4months!
bruh! RT @__Ibinks__: My livescores app seems to be acting up..It says Stoke is leading arsenal 3-0...Please what's the real scoreline?
GEJ: Much Ado About Nothing
@dammydr3zy go and register first na
I`m definately getting those Levitating speakers. Quite frankly, they seem way too cool.
"How do I ask out a girl who already rejected me three times?" She's not a lottery ticket, move on bruh!
@_ClutchKick I guess so, but what you believe in matters to u at least? Or doesn't it?
@Promeese totally, gives u a better perspective on life, doesn't it.
@_ClutchKick I totally agree. But if its gonna drive em crazy then it just violates what they believe in, doesn't it?
I wonder how atheists cope with the knowledge that one day they'll no longer exist. I mean, if they actually ever sit down to think about it
"@Sweetzce: black girls easily get away w/ murder cause d police gonna find a hair at d crime scene & track it back to a girl in brazil" lol
For a second there I almost thought the Law of Conservation of Mass violates the Big Bang Theory.
We get it, u ve erectile dysfunction. Lol "@Sir_SkillaOSHIN: I'm Keeping My Virginity Till The Night Of My Wedding, Anything Bad In That?"
Louis van Gaal wants to spend another £150m … £200m … £300m … you get the idea, to complete the “Gaal-actico” revolution. #GeniusPlan
But racism is real – and the first step to having a practical conversation is to admit that it’s real and that it can be terrifying.
They are seemingly taking it in turns to get down on their knees and beg Steven Gerrard please to stay. He’s mulling it over.
asin eh RT @IamNotJustOk: im either alive or breathing...
But we have to hope that it will. RT @____Sucre: Racism can't stop. Its human nature
@Sandytck40 @UKClaim1 lol. what did I win?