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@Mz_Ramzzy @schneiderhome idk about that but after 27 states, GEJ 13, GMB, 14
@Kachcarter: Private jet "@jhusstinna: With?? "@obinnaSMG: I hate to say it but I think GEJ will catch up."""”lmao ode!
Clearly, the two of them didn't do much on the campaign front. If not there won't be all these landslide victories, would there?
Wait oh, he won in Kogi too! Ahh!
I hate to say it but I think GEJ will catch up.
Just wait till they get to Jonathan's core states.
Just so yall know, hey haven't even reached Jonathan's core states. So calm ur tits!
@DistinctionB Nigerians will have to vote again!? How is that a tie breaker? It's like saying that if a match ends draw they should replay.
Well obviously Buhari didn't campaign in the East. Why? Coz he knows he can win without their votes. Lol
If by any chance the two candidates do draw votes, how exactly does the run-off work? Or do I have it all wrong here? #NigeriaDecides
Well let's face it, after Liverpool's performance in the champions league, there's no way we'd want them to have a UCL spot over United.
@Mayeauxxx: Nigga been yarning balls since retirement RT @obinnaSMG: Okay Paul Scholes needs to shut up!”the nastiest balls!
Okay Paul Scholes needs to shut up!
Facebook is the new YouTube.
Some people living sweet, my life is diabetic.
We are babies, and that's the way we like it! #CFC lol
Anybody can get it... The hardest[sic] part is keeping it.
Boned her in my dorm room and kicked her out of it.
She beat up a mom and her son just "for the vine" and apparently, she's gaining followers so fast. People are weird boy! Really weird!
Bordeaux >>> Chelsea. Lool 😂😂
My dick insida her mouth, therefore I fuck what you think.
@TheAlchemist___: - Probably Matic's Worst Game..." and his so called "worst game" is probably better than anything Mikel ever did.
@inkredibleSMOG: Jones is playing left back? What a something”remember when he used to take corners? That was a something
Spurs beat Utd tomorrow, Liverpool beat Swansea and all of a sudden Utd will find themselves in 6th. Buahahaha!
All our hopes!!!! Gone with the wind in a split second!!!
@Joshariez: Best of all Banters 2night - someone said Juan Mata didn't switch clubs he switched Bench... haba u guys fear God nah :(”lol
Frank Leboeuf says Stamford Bridge lacks atmosphere nowadays claiming the fans have become too used to success & are no longer "boiling hot"
If any girl ever tells you "I'm way too mentally old for you" after u hit on her, you should Probably just kill yourself man!
Oh damn The Nigerian Wifi!
Operation Mute.
"For Em girls that love to get Em vagina walls rubbed way too early: keep your bleeding pussy over that side!" VeveBrown is FUCKN crazy!
Burst a cherry!
"fighting Ebola requires a culture change in the west, as well as west Africa." - @guardiannews
You ain't getting money if u ain't getting 8 figures!
Wayyyyyy up, I feel blessed!!
We ain't picture perfect but we worth the picture still.
Why is the character in LAST MAN ON EARTH pushing a cart?! Looks like a Cormac McCarthy adaptation.
@ESPNFC @CBurleyESPN what can be done about the dismal level of officiating in the EPL? Should Howard Webb come out of retirement?
Nemanja Matic's suspension for pushing Burnley's Ashley Barnes reduced from 3 to 2 matches after Chelsea's appeal - via @ESPNFC
@IamMartins_: That na fuck up oh! And one of them go tear the other yansh. "@____Sucre: Them just dey open each other yansh"” werey!
And some ladies have absolutely no idea how to leave some of that... To our imagination. Fuck that! I love those kinda "ladies"
But she does have a point tho.
Instagram... anyone?
There's something alluring about something you want but can't have. It just fuels that desire.

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