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GEJ: Much Ado About Nothing
@dammydr3zy go and register first na
I`m definately getting those Levitating speakers. Quite frankly, they seem way too cool.
"How do I ask out a girl who already rejected me three times?" She's not a lottery ticket, move on bruh!
@_ClutchKick I guess so, but what you believe in matters to u at least? Or doesn't it?
@Promeese totally, gives u a better perspective on life, doesn't it.
@_ClutchKick I totally agree. But if its gonna drive em crazy then it just violates what they believe in, doesn't it?
I wonder how atheists cope with the knowledge that one day they'll no longer exist. I mean, if they actually ever sit down to think about it
"@Sweetzce: black girls easily get away w/ murder cause d police gonna find a hair at d crime scene & track it back to a girl in brazil" lol
For a second there I almost thought the Law of Conservation of Mass violates the Big Bang Theory.
We get it, u ve erectile dysfunction. Lol "@Sir_SkillaOSHIN: I'm Keeping My Virginity Till The Night Of My Wedding, Anything Bad In That?"
Louis van Gaal wants to spend another £150m … £200m … £300m … you get the idea, to complete the “Gaal-actico” revolution. #GeniusPlan
But racism is real – and the first step to having a practical conversation is to admit that it’s real and that it can be terrifying.
They are seemingly taking it in turns to get down on their knees and beg Steven Gerrard please to stay. He’s mulling it over.
asin eh RT @IamNotJustOk: im either alive or breathing...
But we have to hope that it will. RT @____Sucre: Racism can't stop. Its human nature
@Sandytck40 @UKClaim1 lol. what did I win?
City now have a host of very winnable league games so Chelsea has better not slip up. Game on.
"@OlamiMmorTal: Then call FA to cancel the Goal RT @obinnaSMG: Southampton deserved more." Yh. I'll be making a few calls tomorrow.
Welcome to d world "@scottacquavella: a video of a cop choking a man to death isn't enough evidence to prove a cop choked a man to death"
Body cameras will fix everything... Oh wait, there were Cameras all over and yet he was Killed! #EricGarner
Southampton deserved more.
@Unenema lol. Apologies
But to think of it, being buried with a hummer is still as preposterous as being buried with a suit. What`s the point of any of the two?
lol. he wants to drive to heaven. Grand entrance! RT @dollycent: They buried that one in a hummer SUV. Like what the actual f*ck?
Sometimes when I hear my voice over a recorder I`m like is that really how I sound. I feel like a total stranger to my own voice.
Welcome to the club son. RT @Ayobamii_O: I'm tired of studying. I can't take in any more information.
Friedrich Nietzsche`s philosophy speaks volumes! Box Office stuff!
Na this kyn thing dey make us fight oh. LoL RT @isavladimir: “@obinnaSMG: C`mon Chelsea!!” Btw... Chelsea still sucks😜
@isavladimir LoL. Well, atleast the explaing turned out to be our Panacea
There will be other Darren Wilsons
@jazzminaveena I can call u a cab. no need?
Ultimately, filial freedom is overrated. But don't tell any teenager that, they'll think you're a jerk.
"Age is of no importance unless you are a cheese." (@DavidRoads)
Haha! "@Oyinda_DS: Lmaooooo @LOSGIDDY: Kill David and remain king. RT @Notoriouskhris: Am having a saul throat! Any Idea what to do?"
After our draw to lowly Sunderland yesterday, It`s certainly not a one-horse race any more.
Bloody bastards!!!
lol. *Throw
C`mon Chelsea!!
Haha! RT @HawkWing2002: "Playing with Rooney is just like playing with Messi" - Angel Di Maria. Gasping for oxygen here.
@dollycent more like: It gives you control over others and makes you lose control of yourself
uhh.. yes there is RT @rigwifelife: @codemandriller no such thing as a great Mustache .
@MargieLovinLife nice wardrobe btw.
@FrankandOak whats up with "Failover"?