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Well Hello Goal-line technology! #cfc
And our materialistic cravings make us have the wrong perspective on most things.
"@tutu_d_duchess: Fela that has died? "@obinnaSMG: Fela signed with Choc City... Talk of eclecticism."" lol. D new Fela, Femi
You cannot be lonely if you like the person you’re alone with. - Dr. Wayne Dyer.
"@malik_pinmouth: Some stupid girls will be forming, ask them to fry egg, egg be looking like prawn crackers" lmao!
"@Inspire100Lives: I don't want to hear that I'm going to hell because I don't believe in that so..." Yh deep down I'm sure u don't.
Where ur chill at tho! @iam_MiAmiE: U from Ghana? "@debbietayo: Tweeting in the dark""
The 51st U.S. state!
Escape through travel... and drugs... and fantasies. #Garland
All I`ve been saying! RT @femifems: That Chelsea draw at United looks more like 2 points dropped now than a point gained. #CFC
We all crave what we don`t have, and have no regard, whatsoever, for what we already have.
Maybe if the Bible had a "Latest Edition"... say, by the author Himself, God, then we might all take it seriously.
But seriously bro, not even one solo track! Not sure why but the decision doesn`t seem like its gonna pay off! #thechairman
The Chairman too bad!!!! #MIAbaga
Finally finished The Beach! Great book... Great Movie.
The Fall of Saignon
"The thing about secrets is, you can't keep them unless you tell at least one other person. Its too much pressure." Sal
That was a really nasty dream!
Yh, that makes us feel better. RT @TheAlchemist___: - Seeing Bayern Drew. I'll Just Say It Wasn't A Weekend For The Boys At The Top.
Asking Rafael to mark Didier Drogba at a corner is the footballing equivalent of a one legged man entering an arse kicking contest.
Shuttup already! RT @eddietheshoe: In other news, Didier #Drogba is 36 & has been pretending not to be bald for the last 13 years.
Its Undeserved! Undeserved! RT @ManUtd: The Reds snatch a deserved late draw after a battling display against the leaders.
Thats so unfair!!!!!!!!
Well for this referee, it has to be a no-brainer before he gives it.
The only thing standing between us and huge success is our own lack of devotion to the struggle. @fayschopen
It’s not enough to be a high achiever – you must also brag about it on social media, too. And that’s the nub of the problem.
Without Costa, d game will resemble a meeting of two halves of a pantomime horse: d team with no strikers against d team without a defence.
I don`t like "Good", "Good" is boring. "Good" is mediocre.
Cobie Smulders!
@JessicaValenti oh yes! Women should be allowed to be as drunk and stupid as men, I'm sure that'll make d world a better place! Go girls go!
Real quality is when women have the right to be as drink and stupid as men. @JessicaValenti
Nothing intensifies xenophobia more than seeing strangers as a threat.
Most ppl would rather entertain d concept of the spirit world than that of monotheism. In truth, we all want to be worshipped in some way.
"Connection has made people arrogant, impatient, hasty and presumptuous" -Paul Theroux
@a_n_onymouss well, in your only defence thats a good point to point out but you do know thats not the subject of he`s tweet.
@Holbornlolz welcome to the world my friend!
This headache is killing!
Bt its certainly a team sport... team of 2, 3 or 4... these days its limitless LOL RT @skyboundhero: Sex wasn't made to be a spectator sport
"Oh Didier Drogba, where are thy youth"
Bring on Salah!
its 4-0! LOL. Its gonna get to 5 but chill a bit son. RT @chelseafc: GOAL!!! - 5-0!!! #CFCLive
Now my friends will have more reasons to laugh at me for loving iceprince... #ThatCouldBeUs
The Cedi is just 3.21 to a Dollar while the Naira is 165! And Nigerians are still busy claiming giants of Africa but clearly... #SorryCase
Footballistically... Wenger`s word. Mourinho used it. I guess Mou isn`t a total douche. You see.
But atleast it wasnt pointless, compared to every other trend started by Nigerians. RT @dollycent: #OccupyNigeria .... Shortest revolution.