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Mourinho is such a sore loser!
Instagram anyone?
So gay marriage is now a constitutional right in the USA. #history
Black privilege? Yh, that doesn't really exist.
My self-confidence just took a major hit yo!
Sometimes I feel trapped inside my face.
@thinktoscore is it on the App Store yet? iOS
When a fat girl decides that cropped shirts are the way to go!
Okay so what, they'll put Benitez in there? Benitez is a downgrade from Ancelotti and somehow Perez doesn't see that!
Real Madrid are the new Chelsea; sacking managers for the most preposterous reasons!
Wouldn't Khedira be good competition for Matic? Make the two of them be on their toes in each game for starting place.
FIFA 15 online ps4. Anyone?
Let's face it, J.O. Mikel will probably fit in seamlessly into the Barcelona's DM seeing that all he has to do is stay back and pass. 😂
When u make a deal with the "devil".
Ronaldo is truly the most polarizing figure in the sporting world.
And they said Chelsea is boring!
People with something to brag about don't usually brag.
If ManU manage to beat Arsenal then Arsenal may well still end up 4th. As always.
Pls how many free kicks has Puncheon scored this season already!?
Win pretty, win ugly, it's still winning.
We need an AMC! We need an AMC! #CFC
@Old_Rafikii what's ur console?
Anybody wanna play Fifa online? ✊🏾⚽️
Pls who in the world did Daniel Sturridge offend!?
Maybe if Pep had a little bit of Mourinho in him, he'd have done better on the night. But then again it's Messi; the Footballing Einstein
Lmao John Carved says he's the best Coach in the Premier League. Okay Nigga! 😂😂
Lmao! kolarov!!! Fuckn bloke!
However stringent & detailed a set of laws, there will always be grey areas & it is within them that a personal morality must be negotiated.
Arsenal fans so petty, booing their own former star player.
My self-confidence sky-rockets anytime I have money. But once I don't, I start to live really really low-key. Haha
Possession Champions! Lmao!
And as to how Fabregas is not on that PFA team is just beyond me. No offence to Coutinho but the nigga stands no chance against Fabregas!
@Am_kaybee Azpilicueta vs Bertrand? C'mon, we all know who wins that battle any day. Azpilicueta is 10 times d left back that Bertrand is.
I don't about you guys but I think the entire Chelsea backline should be in that PFA team.
" £100m for each leg" - Mourinho
Pls what the fuck was Henry talking about?
@ESPNFC @SteveNicol61 @BMcBride20 @ShakaHislop @CBurleyESPN #FCExtraTime is John Terry the best Centre-back in the World?
John Terry remains the best Center-Back in the world. Only Ramos comes close and even he can get really disadvantageous with his card-rate.
FUCKN PSG!! Can't even put up a challenge against Barca! Chelsea would have done a far better job, a defensive one but still.
David Luiz again.
So Ellen had a TV series.
Yo! What's David Beckham's IG?
Chelsea sold the wackiest defender for £50m. Chelsea is FUCKN awesome!
@Mz_Ramzzy @schneiderhome idk about that but after 27 states, GEJ 13, GMB, 14

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