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Barack H Obama
Thanks to my media for never attacking me like they are attacking that Republican black guy. -bo
"I think there is a possibility that there was a bomb on board. And we're taking that very seriously." -bo (see I am taking a tough stance!)
I can't wait until I'm out of the White House. I will work even harder to destroy America. -bo
I have my #Halloween costume ready (again) this year! #RT if you like it! -bo
Those Europe people are still being mean to me. -bo
So glad my Dept of Education is helping destroy America -bo…
Why are those Europe people being so mean to me with their cartoons? -bo
Why are they being mean to me? #Bullies -bo
These European cartoonists are being mean to me. Don't they know I'm a Citizen of The World? -bo
I said we'd be out of Afghanistan by 2014 --- is it 2014 yet? Goin golfin folks! -bo
Remember --- my staff gave her the name #Hildebeast! -bo
I don't even believe this stupid shit I'm saying about Afghanistan -bo
I'm just workin every day folks --- trying to destroy America. -bo
Thanks to my lap-dog media for ignoring #FastAndFurious where I sent 2.500 assault rifles to Mexico that killed 300+ people. #guncontrol -bo
Never forget America, what you see as a tragedy --- like the #OCCshooting --- I see as an opportunity. -bo
Putin --- na, na, na, na, na na! -bo
Damn, I am proud of how little I can say in so many words. I am feeling it at today's newsconference. -bo
I mentioned myself 28 times in yesterdays speech to try to take away guns. I should've talked about myself more. -bo…
Since I am black, I can make fun of white people who cannot jump. #ArnieDuncan. -bo
Damn, I love how easy it is for me to bullshit my media. They will believe anything I say --- and if they don't, then they are racist. -bo
Normally, I'd rather be golfing today, but I can't wait to use this crisis in Oregon to try to take away American's guns. -bo
I hate doing press conferences, unless they are after a mass shooting where I can try to take away guns from Americans. -bo
America, give me your guns --- but Iran, you can have nukes. -bo
I am so pissed that Putin has made me his bitch, that I am coming after your guns, America. -bo
Never let a good crisis go to waste. I am coming after your guns. -bo
I don't believe this stupid shit I'm saying about guns --- I just want to take away your guns. #2A -bo
Watch tonight my Idiot Followers! I will turn the moon blood red! I am BO --- the Great and Powerful! -bo
This guy makes me sick because he can do this and I can't. -bo
If I had a son he would look like Ahmed and he would be rewarded for pulling off #ClockHoax --- Great job son! -bo
It's great that @realDonaldTrump is in trouble because I won't say whether I'm really Muslim, or not. Thanks again to My Media! -bo
I guess today is some sort of #ConstitutionDay, or something...bla bla bla. Whatever. -bo
I can't wait to bring those poor Muslim refugees to America so they can do to USA what they did to Munich Airport -bo
If I had a son he would look like Ahmed. Except it would not be a clock. #StandWithAhmed -bo
Glad to hear N Korea is back in the biz of building nukes. Great news that could help lead to the destruction of the U.S. -bo
I can wait 'till I leave the WH and let everybody know how much I hate America. Watch me work OT to destroy USA! -bo
My plan is working perfectly! The Middle East is now so jacked up that Muslims are leaving and we will bring them to America! -bo
Tell me --- what else would I possibly want to photograph in Alaska? -bo
I really hate Alaska. Too cold - no golf courses. -bo
Very happy that I have helped create a #RaceWar in America. Only #BlackLivesMatter. Shot a 95 today! -bo
I'm considering having the flag lowered to half-staff for the poor, gay, black supporter of mine who was pushed to kill himself in Virginia.
This #WDBJ shooter guy was a gay black man who voted for me and was a big supporter of mine. Now he's going to help me take away guns. -bo
I heard there was a shooting today. Oh well --- goin' golfin' folks! -bo
I learned how to cheat from the master. -bo
I hope you're thirsty! -bo

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