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Barack H Obama
Happy Sunday! Just relaxing at my WH cuz i know the world is less violent than ever. Looking forward to my next vacation -bo
Had a great time at my fundraiser last night. Don't worry, the world is less violent now more than ever! -bo
I'm just working hard every day to change America. -bo
I have a laser like focus on fundraisers. -bo
Looking forward to another vacation! -bo
Watch this and you how see how I am working hard to unite all Americans! -bo…
Somebody just told me it's tough to defend the border with a 9 iron from DC. Better get my driver. -bo #BorderCrisis?
.@ObamaStrawman Gave me a bit of a scare when I saw a Barack Obama following me on my smartphone with no details.
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I've got a busy day. Gotta defend the border with my 9 iron. -bo
This job is much more fun when you don't have to act Presidential. Shooting pool is more fun that dealing with #BorderCrisis -bo
Wooo Hooo! I get another day off today! What is the holiday today? -bo
So what is today again? Another golf day for me?
The WH Chef is making me some great Belgian Waffles for #WorldCup. They're like crack. -bo
Seeing #USA lose in #WorldCup is like crack cocaine to me. -bo
I'm so happy for Belgium. Now the world will love us and not see us as #UglyAmericans because we lost #WorldCup. -bo
It's so sad that Belgium can't score. They should be ahead of the USA by 10-0 by now. #RootingForBelgium #WorldCup -bo
Do they speak Austrian in Bulgaria? -bo
I am telling everybody I am rooting for Team USA today in #WorldCup, but you know the truth --- #GoBelgium! -bo
When I talked about "change" in America, I also meant getting rid of the Supreme Court. #SCOTUS. -bo
I need to keep changing America by getting rid of the Supreme Court. Clearly #SCOTUS is racist. -bo
I think they might even believe this BS I'm spreading up here in Minnesota today. -bo
No matter how excited you may be abt USA advancing in #WorldCup, rembr what I said in Egypt in '08. "There is no world order of nations" -bo
Sorry to hear the #USA advanced in #WorldCup today. That will just make the world hate us Ugly Americans even more. Going golfing now. -bo
Thank you Deutschland! I am proud to be a Citizen of the World and not an Ugly American! #WorldCup -bo