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Barack H Obama
After I leave as King of USA I will go to the NBA where I will demand all my missed shots count as made shots. -bo
Soon I may take all of the land in the USA and make it one large solar panel! -bo
I am bigger and better than any leader ever---I am now a Symbol. -bo
I love Harry Reid. -bo
Thanks to my media for not reporting on the #RangeWar at #BundyRanch. This does not help my #BigGovernment push in the Obama States. -bo
I think we should just remove Nevada from the Obama States. That would take care of that cowboy at #BundyRanch. -bo
I guess I'm supposed to pretend I'm Christian by posting, "Happy Easter" on my twitter account. -bo
I am holding a "solar summit" today at my White House. I was hoping we would have taken Cliven #BundyRanch in #Nevada by now. #RangeWar -bo
Help me stop the people who didn't vote for me at #BundyRanch #RangeWar My guys are there to put the boot to the neck of some Americans. -bo
Glad my Federal Brownshirts are taking out those hicks in #Nevada. #RangeWar We have to stop cows from grazing, but can't stop illegals. -bo
I'm so glad you all love my #Obamacare that I gave to you. Without me you would have nothing. -bo
@ObamaStrawman Yeah, I can tell that. And, Iran and
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I feel so bad that you are not able to keep you insurance. At least I said 7 million signed up. #NumberOutOfMyAss -bo
@ObamaStrawman Yeah, I can tell that. And, Iran and
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BTW, I have still not signed up for #ObamaCare. Are you friggin nuts? I ain't signing up for that shit! -bo
.@HannahK_77 I want to make sure we eventually share #ObamaCare with all of Mexico --- then Columbia, then Chile ---and on. -bo I have decided to say 397 million people have signed up for #ObamaCare. #NumberOutOfMyAss. -bo
I might say another number for #Obamacare signups today. Maybe I will say 436 million signed up. My media will repeat anything! -bo
I was going to say 500 million signed up #Obamacare, but even my beloved media night accept that. So I just pulled 7 mill out of my ass -bo
Somebody tweet me and let me know if more soldiers die at Ft. Hood. I've gotta head to this fundraiser! I hear the wine is the best! -bo
Soldiers killed at Ft Hood ---- I've gotta head to a fundraiser. I hope the caviar is good! -bo
Looks like my media believed that 7 million number for #Obamacare. I pulled that number straight out of my ass. -bo
It's fun to watch the media believe what they hear about #ObamaCare signups. I can say anything to them! -bo
I think for #AprilFools tomorrow I will tell everybody I was just kidding about #ObamaCare. -bo