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Barack H Obama
Tell me --- what else would I possibly want to photograph in Alaska? -bo
I really hate Alaska. Too cold - no golf courses. -bo
Very happy that I have helped create a #RaceWar in America. Only #BlackLivesMatter. Shot a 95 today! -bo
I'm considering having the flag lowered to half-staff for the poor, gay, black supporter of mine who was pushed to kill himself in Virginia.
This #WDBJ shooter guy was a gay black man who voted for me and was a big supporter of mine. Now he's going to help me take away guns. -bo
I heard there was a shooting today. Oh well --- goin' golfin' folks! -bo
I learned how to cheat from the master. -bo
I hope you're thirsty! -bo
Shot a 92 today and cheated like crazy to get that! Damn --- I love playing Prez! -bo
I know where Zimbabwe is --- it's on Planet Earth! -bo (Citizen of The World)…
It's great that all those Green Freaks believed the lies I said today about #GlobalWarming #ClimateChange. -bo
My favorite cartoon! -bo
I could win as many elections as I want to win. People vote for me because of their #WhiteGuilt. #BlackLivesMatterMore -bo
Slow day--- watching #Sharknado3 at the WH. @realmarkcuban does a horrible job as President. #AprilLives #Sharkado4 -bo
They need more of The Gays in Kenya, and they need more Golf Courses. Other than that, I'm proud to be from Kenya -bo
It's so fun to be in the country of my birth --- Kenya! But --- they need more golf courses here. -bo
We don't put the flag at half-staff at the WH when white folk die --- only when black people die. Only #BlackLivesMatter -bo
The only shooting I care about is the one I did on the golf course. Shot a 93 (with many mulligans) #FunJob! -bo
Was there a shooting in Tennessee recently? Haven't heard. Gotta hit the links! -bo
All Lives DO NOT Matter, some matter more. If you're back, gay or Muslim I will call you if you get shot or make the FB team. -bo
I'm so happy to have this #IranDeal done. They deserve to have nukes and I was happy to help them. -bo
I feel bad for those poor Greece People. All they did was let their politicians spend more money than they had. What's wrong with that? -bo
Is there a holiday this weekend? Please keep the fireworks down --- they offend me. -bo
Everybody's mad a me b/c I'm helping #ISIS make money off kidnapping Americans --- hey, I said terrorists needed jobs didn't I? -bo
Giuliani: Obama Just Invited ISIS to Make Money Off Kidnapping Americans with Shift in Hostage Policy #BarackObama
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All these funerals are getting in the way of my fundraising....we have to find a way to combine the two. -bo
I just registered to to delete all my Favorites instantly!
I just registered to to delete all my Retweets instantly!
Forget putting a women's face on US currency --- I'm going to put my face on ALL the bills. -bo
I am so upset about the #CharlestonShooting that I am only going to attend 4 fundraisers today. -bo
It's about time we take Alex Hamilton off the $10 bill. He was a #conservative Founding Father who was killed by a Democrat. -bo
I'm tired of playing President. #RT if you want me and Michelle to leave the White House a little early. -bo
To my people, today is Burn The Flag Day. Michelle and I will be burning one out back of the WH shortly. -bo
I'm not sure who I hate more, Hillary or her Impeached Husband. -bo
I put this bumper sticker on the Prez Limo the other day. #RT if you like it! #Hillary2016
Of course the media did not scrutinize me when I ran for Prez. I'm black. That would be #racist…
If you were married to Michelle, you might take it out on America as well. -bo
Truth be know - I hate the #Hildebeast - and her idiot husband. -bo #NotReadyForHillary
People are mean to me sometimes and that makes me sad. I will have my people crush their heads and flush their brain goo down the drain. -bo
We need a National Police Force to take over for the racist, local cops. I know it's unconstitutional -- but since when has that stopped me?
Someday (soon) I will make it illegal for infidels to draw pictures of me. Punishable by death! -bo
Nobody likes me, everybody hates me, guess I'll eat some worms. -bo
Thank you blacks for rioting --- it gave me another chance to rip Evil Wall St today. -bo #BaltimoreRiots
The only idiots stupid enough to vote for Hillary, were the ones who voted for me. Going golfing! -bo
Happy #EarthDay and happy birthday to one of my heroes, Josef Stalin. I shall golf today to honor him! -bo

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