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Barack H Obama
I just registered to to delete all my Favorites instantly!
I just registered to to delete all my Retweets instantly!
Forget putting a women's face on US currency --- I'm going to put my face on ALL the bills. -bo
I am so upset about the #CharlestonShooting that I am only going to attend 4 fundraisers today. -bo
It's about time we take Alex Hamilton off the $10 bill. He was a #conservative Founding Father who was killed by a Democrat. -bo
I'm tired of playing President. #RT if you want me and Michelle to leave the White House a little early. -bo
To my people, today is Burn The Flag Day. Michelle and I will be burning one out back of the WH shortly. -bo
I'm not sure who I hate more, Hillary or her Impeached Husband. -bo
I put this bumper sticker on the Prez Limo the other day. #RT if you like it! #Hillary2016
Of course the media did not scrutinize me when I ran for Prez. I'm black. That would be #racist…
If you were married to Michelle, you might take it out on America as well. -bo
People are mean to me sometimes and that makes me sad. I will have my people crush their heads and flush their brain goo down the drain. -bo
We need a National Police Force to take over for the racist, local cops. I know it's unconstitutional -- but since when has that stopped me?
Someday (soon) I will make it illegal for infidels to draw pictures of me. Punishable by death! -bo
Nobody likes me, everybody hates me, guess I'll eat some worms. -bo
Thank you blacks for rioting --- it gave me another chance to rip Evil Wall St today. -bo #BaltimoreRiots
The only idiots stupid enough to vote for Hillary, were the ones who voted for me. Going golfing! -bo
Happy #EarthDay and happy birthday to one of my heroes, Josef Stalin. I shall golf today to honor him! -bo
I think I'll golf for the next year and 9 months. -bo
I really hate the #Hildabeast and her idiot husband. -bo
This is what Easter means to me. Something about a bunny and another day to golf. -bo
I love playing president, but I hate being president. -bo
When I go to Kenya in July, I may just stay there and run that country. You "High Horse" Americans will miss me! -bo
I'm so looking forward to visiting the place of my birth, Kenya, in July. -bo
Without me, you could do nothing. -bo
I can do whatever I want and your weak-ass Republicans are afraid to stop me. I have just begun to fundamentally change America. -bo
Checking my #NCAATournament bracket now, can't be worried about Yemen and our troops being run out. -bo
Why do you think Bibi is doing this? Probably angry at Hillary or the Republicans. That's my guess. -bo
Soon I will get to leave this horribly named WHITE House and continue my destruction of America from the outside! -bo
My National Security plan is to out-tweet #ISIS I have a lot of followers. #StopThoseNonIslamicBadGuys -bo
I think it's wrong to shoot cops ---- even white ones. There I said it, so you can't blame me. #FergusonShooting -bo
Thank you to my media for ignoring that it was #Democrats who stopped blacks from voting in #Selma -bo #Selma50
Hey Ferguson, MO ---- make no doubt about it, we will catch you doing something we will call racist. -bo
Please stop making noise in my backswing! -bo
It's fun now to be serving the third term of Jimmy Carter! -bo
What time is that Blood Sucking Jew guy coming to DC on Tuesday? I need to schedule my tee-time. -bo
I will say this ---- compared to the Dark Ages, there is less violence in the world today. -bo
After I leave the WH, everything conservatives have said about me will be proven right. My media will act like they knew it all along! -bo
Thank you Hollywood for supporting me. I loved the #Oscars2015 last night. We are all poor victims of the white, straight, American male -bo
I love America, but I want to fundamentally change it. -bo
Hey #NewEnglandPatriots, get off your #HighHorse --- and why do you call yourselves Patriots? -bo
Those damn Christians interrupted my golf game over the weekend by getting their heads cut off. -bo
I sent me this Valentines card. I love me soooooo much! -bo

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