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Barack H Obama
It's been a busy week. I'm hungry for a little dog this evening. -bo
901 days until I get to leave this joint and double-down on "changing" (I mean "destroying") America. -bo
Another crisis, another vacation! I love playing president! -bo
I really showed that Putin guy today! He's afraid of me now cuz I have a Nobel Prize. Going golfing now -bo #NewColdWar
How you liking me now, America? Hope and Change is working out just as I planned it. -bo
Wooo hoooo! I got my approval rating down to 39% Now it's really time to start pissing on America! -bo
I wonder if I got a gun and stood on top of My WH and shot citizens, if the media would blame ppl for getting in the way of my bullets. -bo
I hope we can bring more of these poor, innocent children (and lots of gang bangers) from Honduras. We need to CHANGE America. -bo
I love playing President. I don't really like being President. -bo
Warning Putin: I may give another speech tomorrow! -bo
I am outraged over Russia! Going golfing now to show my outrage! -bo
I express outrage by going golfing. -bo
I like making everybody wait for me. -bo
Truth be known, I'm afraid of that Putin guy. -bo
Taking another hit off some chum before my speech. I hate these things. -bo
I'm supposed to give another speech on that plane crash thing this morning. If rather be golfing! -bo
Happy Sunday! Just relaxing at my WH cuz i know the world is less violent than ever. Looking forward to my next vacation -bo
Had a great time at my fundraiser last night. Don't worry, the world is less violent now more than ever! -bo
I'm just working hard every day to change America. -bo
I have a laser like focus on fundraisers. -bo
Looking forward to another vacation! -bo
Watch this and you how see how I am working hard to unite all Americans! -bo…
Somebody just told me it's tough to defend the border with a 9 iron from DC. Better get my driver. -bo #BorderCrisis?
.@ObamaStrawman Gave me a bit of a scare when I saw a Barack Obama following me on my smartphone with no details.
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