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Barack H Obama
Hey. I'm coming back from my vacation to make a Racist Speech! How's that for dedication? See, I really do care! -bo
People are asking why I'm coming back to DC this weekend. Hey, I'm getting away from Michelle --- whaddya think? -bo
So what if Christians are being killed by ISIS. This is Bush's Fault! Besides, I'm sending them sandwiches for their Last Meal. -bo
So what? I took credit for ending the war when it was expedient, then blamed Bush for the withdraw when it was expedient. You surprised? -bo
I vote present. What else did you think I was going to do? -bo
I'm so glad that I have been able to unite America and there are no more racial divisions in this country. #Hope #Change -bo
I sure like playing President, but I hate being President. -bo
So glad to get out of DC and start my vacation! It had been a couple weeks since my last vacay -bo
No way in hell did I want to give that speech tonight --- could anybody tell? -bo
I say Hamas is "acting irresponsibly" sort of like how children misbehave. I am talking tough now! #GoingGolfing -bo
Woooo hoooo another full day of pissing on America! -bo
I hope you heard about my #MonstersBall at the White House. These African Dictators are my friends --- deal with it White Folk! -bo
For my bday I want a UNIKITTY from LEGOLAND movie. She is from Cloud Cuckoo Land, capital of rainbows and puppies -bo
Don't forget---TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY! Celebrate it, or YOU WILL BE DESTROYED! Shortly this will be a National Holiday. -bo
This is what I want for my birthday and everyday. Golf will be my legacy. -bo
Don't forget, my birthday is Monday. Celebrate it, or else! Soon I will make Aug 4 a National Holiday that must be worshiped by all! -bo
So what of my legacy is golf. At least that's a legacy. -bo
I'm on vaca. Leave me alone America! -bo
Don't forget everybody this is my Birthday Month! Wish me a Happy Birthday next week! -bo
Looking forward to a couple of weeks of vacation. It's been almost a month since my last vaca. -bo
It's been a busy week. I'm hungry for a little dog this evening. -bo
901 days until I get to leave this joint and double-down on "changing" (I mean "destroying") America. -bo
Another crisis, another vacation! I love playing president! -bo
I really showed that Putin guy today! He's afraid of me now cuz I have a Nobel Prize. Going golfing now -bo #NewColdWar
How you liking me now, America? Hope and Change is working out just as I planned it. -bo