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Matthew Inman
I told @Oatmeal I am a Marine and own 2 cats and was a big fan of militant feline violence. #Cat
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4,000 runners descending on Carnation, WA this weekend for @BeatTheBlerch. We've got the birthday cakes & costumed Blerches standing by.
Today in mantis shrimp news, apparently baby mantis shrimp use light to stay invisible.…
I went for a run around Discovery Park this morning with @petersagal and we talked about electric cars and cake and Batman.
Anyone else going to see @neiltyson at The Paramount tonight?
We're looking for volunteers for the marathon next week! Comes w/ a free shirt & lots of cake.
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Obligatory repost. What it’s like to own an Apple product
Hooray a couple of billionaires giving away a free U2 album let's all feign adulation.
u guys I got this incredible screensaver on my new #applewatch
"Hey bro, you got the time?" "Yeah, it's ... hang on. Just a sec. God fucking damnit. "
"PIED PIPER NEEDS TO PIVOT." -the creators of Coin today.
*fucks with the rabbit ears on his Macbook Pro* goddamn shit poor reception watching today
I love you all dearly but I have the impression you’re all blindly retweeting my previous link without clicking on it.
What it's like to own an apple product haha I tricked you haha hurrhurhrrrr
Heads up: I'll be on the History Channel tonight shooting @henryrollins with my Tesla Cannon. Video here:…
Also, my birthday is coming up on the 24th. Can someone build me a mantis shrimp drone murderbot of some sort?
"Let's Build a Goddamn Mantis Shrimp Museum" needs to happen across the street from Wardenclyffe.
Fla. fisherman catches a rather large specimen of @Oatmeal's favorite animal (it's ours too!)
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Sometimes I blurt out awful things
I am sad because there's a cat on my head #feelings
.@amandapalmer I saw your tweet about the comments on your ice bucket video, so I wrote you a little note.
Reminder: I'm doing a book signing tonight with @PatrickRothfuss in Marysville, Washington…
Reminder: I'm doing a book signing with @PatrickRothfuss tomorrow in Marysville, Washington:…
Citizens in and around Seattle: I'm doing a book signing with @PatrickRothfuss this Monday. Details here:…
Why haven't you had kids yet? Bonus panel version here:
Dear bakeries: we are still looking for someone to make cake for @BeatTheBlerch. If interested, email
6 coffee questions you are too afraid to ask your barista via @ILOVECOFFEEjp
I nominate Tilikum the Friendly Orca Whale™ for the ice bucket challenge!
I wrote a guide to running your first marathon. Full comic here:…
Thomas Edison with an electric car in 1913. (Image via Wikimedia Commons:
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#TBTcomic What it's like to play online games as a grownup…
Just a mantis shrimp bopping an octopus for you.