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Getting my life together like its suppose to be
Retweeted by ✨Exquisite✨
Need some food in my life right now....
106&Park officially end today. God is good 😹😹👌💯✔
Retweeted by ✨Exquisite✨
Next week gone be so crazy.... praying for strength!
Some people think too much of themselves...😂😂 like sit down somewhere
3 Different Levels of Friendship : 1. I just know you 😞 2. I fuck with you fr fr ✊ 3. You're Fam 💯 Alot of MF's are 1's TBH
Retweeted by ✨Exquisite✨
#2014In5Words life changing bittersweet year mane!
#2014In5Words Glad this shit almost over! 😒
Need to wash my hair before next week..😣😧
🙇💭It doesn't matter who hurt you/broke your heart,What matters is who made you smile again.Cry your last tear, pray,give it 2 God & be happy
Retweeted by ✨Exquisite✨
You realize how much you can accomplish if you join forces wit... More for Aquarius
kourtney the only one that's been helping me out with all my test questions lol. @Oak_Kourt
Retweeted by ✨Exquisite✨
This song is everything...
Mood swings and Mrs.🎧🎵🎶
Smh that was not suppose to happen mane.....
When bitches try to be the best of friends with MY bestfriend😳🙅✋ Nawh bitch get yo ass to walking....🚶Find your own😊💁
Retweeted by ✨Exquisite✨
Somebody close to me needs to have a baby so I can spoil them
Retweeted by ✨Exquisite✨
I Don't Fuck Wit Nobody Nomore 😒 Like I Use Too 👐🆗💯
Retweeted by ✨Exquisite✨
Thank God for my grades🙌 that 4.0 look niice😆
Real niggas make mistakes...
Can't fail until you quit
These Gas prices are looking lovely man... #teamfulltankofgasshawty
Now my mama wanna take out the Christmas lights 😒😒😒😒😒😒
Retweeted by ✨Exquisite✨
The same bitches b on twitter everyday 😩😴
Retweeted by ✨Exquisite✨
I need to gone go Christmas shopping before I ending up shopping for myself...
My daddy broke my heart way before these niggas did
Retweeted by ✨Exquisite✨
The surreal quality of your life could be disconcerting becaus... More for Aquarius
Going to sleep happy😊😆
Words Are Weapons🔪 , Sometimes Even When You Say Nothing It's Still Mass Destruction💣
Retweeted by ✨Exquisite✨
Rain came from nowhere. I know I'm about to sleep good.
Retweeted by ✨Exquisite✨
A boyfriend 👫🙊😍 can act like your daddy baby homie bestfriend and boyfriend all in one 😂😂😂💯
Retweeted by ✨Exquisite✨
Need to go to the nail shop like yesterday. ...😩😒
REAL Bosses Don't Talk We Just Sit Back & listen
Retweeted by ✨Exquisite✨
It seems as if you are being granted an unexpected reprieve to... More for Aquarius
Now I'm ready for Christmas....😆😆
Finally new music from the realist.. In my opinion @LITO615 #BlackSheepDontGrin #theories 🎧🎶🎶💯
Retweeted by ✨Exquisite✨
May I attract beautiful, loving souls in 2015.
Retweeted by ✨Exquisite✨
So glad this year almost over with...2014 was a very Bittersweet year....