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😂 😂 I see ya pimp👀
Know the best is yet to come for me.....
Not happens by chance in my life... even thing happens for a reason. ..
Mann I havent listen to bae in so long! @LITO615
I don't trust a lot of people, don't take it personally
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I think that I think too much but we've been through way too much...
Aight I'm going to sleep forreal now. 😌✌️
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lord. thanksgiving. lord. i am ready. jesus. i just want real food. full plateS. family time. laughs. 😍👪😞😭
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i can not sleep with the air on anything higher than 65 😕 im sorry i have to be cold when i go to sleep.
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I don't know what I would do without God.
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I'm such a procrastinator. I don't know how to change my habits though 😭
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Things you can't say normal anymore 😂😩 1. Pears 🍐🍐 2. 21 3. About a week ago 😂 4. Barely 5. Momma I love ya ❤ 6. Tuesday
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Done cursing in my texts.... bout the only time I curse.. lol
Off brand ass shit.... tf is a bright and early😒😩
This apple juice taste like jolly ranchers... 👎😞😒
When you're trying to fall asleep because you know you gotta be up early in the morning but you're not tired
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Been slacking.. got to get on this work... In the Am..😴😴✌
Phone on 20% I'm fenna cry...
I miss D, I wonder will she see this... lol
When a person post a picture of a couple holding hands and the caption is "goals" I be like ....😕
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I'm already tired.... need some coffee
You might be carried away on the wings of your own feelings to... More for Aquarius
there's so much that i think but never say
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Ready for ha ass to come home😠 the military done had a long enough
All the good stuff on this thang.... #plug
Got sum way better than Netflix and it's free... #Godisgood
Got so much to do to before Thanksgivings
@lifes_notes: Jesus Christ is my everything.”💯🙌
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😂 😂 what's wrong witcha dog?
People really think too much of themselves, ain't nobody worried about yo ass mane😕
Still chilling.... my body sooo tired😩
A queen will not settle for a joker.
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Somebody who u can vibe with & just have that natural connection with...amazing feeling man
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#Aquarians can jump to random topics that are completely off topic, but they sure as hell know which thoughts led to that which led to that.
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Social interactions are a source of unavoidable intensity toda... More for Aquarius