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Nonprofit Hospitals’ 2013 Revenue Lowest Since Recession, Report Says
Mervyn Susser, 92, Dies; Studied Illness and Society
W.H.O. Removes Team From Sierra Leone After a Medical Worker Contracts Ebola
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Is there any nutritional difference between brown and white eggs?
Dementia is weird. It’s not like memories get permanently erased; sometimes they are there, and sometimes not.
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Three approaches to beating the AIDS epidemic in South Africa
Does looking like someone else translate into shared personality traits? Research suggests that it does not.
How South Africa went from 250 to 23,000 nurses trained to prescribe antiretroviral drugs.
Mother-to-child AIDS transmissions have dropped by 90 percent in South Africa, largely thanks to one program.
Wedding size may have some bearing on the strength of a marriage.
King Richard III quite enjoyed devouring swan, crane and heron with a side of wine.
RT @cslnyt: Don't take Medicare star ratings of nursing homes at face value @katie_thomas
Most Americans don't need to worry about their salt intake.
Advertising: Estée Lauder to Weave Pink Ribbons Through the Internet
Liberian Doctor Treated With an Experimental Drug Dies From Ebola
No Link Found for Deaths and Veterans’ Care Delays
In the last few years, South Africa has "managed a miracle,” according to AIDS researchers.
Op-Docs: ‘A Marriage to Remember’