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Daily Report: From Lemonade Stand to Twitter’s I.P.O., a 10-Year-Old’s Journey to Silicon Valley
Deal Professor: A 10-Year-Old’s Journey, From Lemonade Stand to Silicon Valley
IBM’s Watson Attracts Commercial Clients
In Net Neutrality Discussion, Lawsuits Loom Large
After a Buggy Start, Apple’s iOS 8 Is Adopted More Slowly by Customers
Twitter Sues U.S. Government Over Data Disclosure Rules
Voice Activation Systems Distract Drivers, Study Says
Scuttlebot: A Critical Moment for Airbnb in San Francisco
Q&A: Recording Live Audio Streams in Windows
Q&A: Recording Live Audio Streams in Windows
Facebook is working on a stand-alone app that people can use without giving their real names
Facebook Readies App Allowing Anonymity
Scuttlebot: What Windows 95 Looks Like in Wearable Form
After Calif. enacted a landmark student data law, Microsoft and others pledged to adopt protections nationwide
Part of Meg Whitman's plan is to allow one side of HP to return to company's roots servicing big business customers…
Scuttlebot: Jennifer Lawrence Calls Photo Hacking a “Sex Crime”
Amazon's tax deal in Luxembourg is the latest target of European inquiries
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Meg Whitman's plan is to make HP's parts bigger than its current whole…
Announcing its split, HP is following a trail blazed by other tech firms, including eBay and IBM. Oh, and itself.
Samsung is forecasting another quarterly decline, as it faces increasing pressure from Chinese smartphone makers
Judging by investors' reaction, HP won't be the last big Silicon Valley company to break up
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In one day, Meg Whitman created two of America's biggest companies. All she had to do was break apart HP.
Daily Report: Meg Whitman Charts a New Course for HP
Amazon in Luxembourg Is Latest Target of European Tax Inquiries
Microsoft and Other Firms Pledge to Protect Student Data
DealBook: Blockchain Is Latest Bitcoin Start-Up to Lure Big Investment
Samsung, Facing Pressure, Forecasts Another Decline
The potential for semiautonomous cars on American roads is no longer the stuff of science fiction
AT&T Says It Fired Employee Who Gained Access to Customer Data
Europe Digital Nominee Demands Stronger U.S. Data Rules
Itineraries: Businesses Turn to Airbnb
For American tech companies, China can be a nearly impossible place to operate. Not so for LinkedIn.
Today, eBay released its second foray into live bidding for fine art
EBay Opens Fine Art Live-Auction Sites, for Second Time
Scuttlebot: That time in 1999 when HP split in 2
The potential for semiautonomous cars on American roads is no longer the stuff of science fiction
On their own, the two new HPs would each easily fit in the top half of the Fortune 500
Scuttlebot: WhatsApp Founder Jan Koum to Get $1 Salary at Facebook
Scuttlebot: Does Google Want to Become a Money Manager?
Facebook bus drivers, some who work 15-hour shifts, want to unionize (Photo: Jim Wilson/NYT)
HP's split is not the first time the company has broken itself in two to cope with changing times
With its latest investment round led by the Singapore government, Square is now valued at $6 billion
HP is splitting into two, publicly-traded companies. Meg Whitman will retain much of the power at both.
To reach China, LinkedIn plays by local rules
How LinkedIn cracked China market: Walking a fine line between Chinese law and free expression. @paulmozur @vindugoel
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Daily Report: Hewlett-Packard to Break Into Two Companies
Hewlett-Packard Announces Breakup Plan
To Reach China, LinkedIn Plays by Local Rules
Square Raises $150 Million at a $6 Billion Valuation