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New York Magazine
Marriott makes $626m in profits a year. If it wants its housekeepers to earn more, it can pay them more.
11 reasons why Taylor Swift might be holding a bunch of red balloons in the middle of NYC:
"Taking the road less diapered." 25 famous women on the decision not to have kids:
This is what it's like to help other women end their pregnancies:
"Governments should have wellness ministers and happiness ministers."
The Navy can't snoop through your computer for child porn, court rules
Here's how to delete that U2 album you didn't ask for from your iTunes:
Your guide to the best fresh fig dishes in NYC this fall:
With 9.25 million total viewers, Sons of Anarchy's final season premiere was FX's most-watched program ever
Creepy homeless bro uses NYC women for sex and shelter
Urban Outfitters' highly offensive Kent State sweatshirt is up for sale on eBay for $2500
Those corporate executives are now defending Olive Garden’s unlimited breadsticks:
How the birth-control phone alarm became a modern bonding experience:
No one knows the best way to approach potty training:
Your olive oil may be lying about its virginity:
Do these 20 food-porn photos make you feel more or less hungry? It's for science:
Here are 25 cool and functional bags under $400:
Why Japanese people aren’t grossed out by that black Burger King burger:
Fall Fruit: 16 spots to hit if you’re looking for fresh figs
Spider-Man and Batman team up to fight Times Square hecklers
Pizza Hut wants to give you a free pet:
Why TV commercials ruin the songs you love:
Potted-Plant Party: Can you spot the #PitcherPlant, #AngelWingBegonia, #ButterflyPlant, #Rhipsalis, #BeadPlant, or #CrocodileFern? Photo: #bobbydoherty
These teen girls are rebelling against a super-strict, slut-shamey dress code:
Exploring the myth that is Bill Clinton, political genius:
What you need to know about Enterovirus D68, the miserable respiratory illness that's spreading across the country:
We're excited to welcome @marincogan as a contributing editor working on @intelligencer and the magazine:…
The White House is protecting Obama’s coffee preference like a state secret:
Have nerds betrayed the left? @jonathanchait on political science:
Presenting a brief history of social networks for millionaires:
Here’s how to delete that U2 album you didn’t ask for from your iTunes:
Adrian Peterson is facing child-abuse charges, but he'll play football next week:
So what is Minecraft, and why did Microsoft just pay $2.5 billion for it?
Should you tip your hotel maid? @AnnieLowrey on Marriott's new campaign:
There's a 26-year-old homeless guy in NYC who uses women for sex and shelter:
The leader of this anti-gay group hates on Jews and Muslims, too:
Here's Hillary Clinton pretending to fry steak and not run for president in Iowa:
At long last, here is your full trailer for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part I
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This ice cream shop is selling "Big Straight Ice Cream"
The de Blasios’ empty house in Brooklyn apparently has 24/7 security:
The South African Olympics Committee says Oscar Pistorius can compete:
Urban Outfitters has issued a non-apology apology for their offensive Kent State sweatshirt:
Pope Francis has performed the first papal wedding ceremony in 14 years:
Miley Cyrus did a cover of Led Zeppelin's "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You"
Miss New York has won the Miss America pageant for the third straight year:
Urban Outfitters’ awful blood-spattered Kent State sweatshirt is now for sale on eBay:
Can happy street signs solve Newark’s crime problem? This guy thinks so: