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NY Review of Books
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Darryl Pinckney talks with @nprscottsimon: “The future of the nation is at stake in how we treat the vote.”
Manhattan - a paradise for sociopaths. Zadie Smith perfectly hits several nails on the head via @HadleyFreeman…
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The Voter ID Mess: Former federal election observer Steven Wright on the problem of poll worker confusion
Francine Prose on the pleasures and mysteries of @jillsoloway’s #TransparentTV
Tennessee Williams “never stopped turning himself inside out, fashioning voices to articulate what he found there.”
This Walter Benjamin essay is #notanativead for Xerox. Such a missed opportunity.
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Franz Kafka's "The Metamorphosis" isn't native advertising for Orkin® Pest Control, but what if it was? @nybooks @contently @AskTheOrkinMan
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This E.B. White essay is #notanativead for Oscar Meyer, but what if it was?
God save us. RT @contently: Why this novelist's essay could've been an incredible native ad:
The Outsider Art of Tennessee Williams
Quelques Verbes Français: A poem by Tennessee Williams, newly discovered and published here for the first time
Charles Simic’s tales of New York City
Jean-Paul Sartre on refusing the Nobel Prize (1964)
The New York Review of Bats
As #Kenya Pres Kenyatta argues his case in Hague, recall his campaign to destroy ICC: @nybooks
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Paul Krugman on the real story of the financial crisis, and the dangers of seeing it as a morality play
An astrophysicist asks: How could the American public be better educated about the nature of scientific inquiry?
Eight stories about New York by Charles Simic
Octopuses have shown the ability to distinguish symbols about as well as a three-year-old child. Do not eat them.
Tonight: Darryl Pinckney discusses his new book, Blackballed: The Black Vote and US Democracy, in Westport, CT
"the problem with the New York essay is that, much of the time, it isn’t very good" via @flavorwire
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Antony Shugaar on the @Criterion release of Dini Risi’s classic 1962 road movie ‘Il Sorpasso’
"Israel & the U.S.: the Delusions of Our Diplomacy"--there is no one better than @NathanThrall on this:…
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Maya Lin has won the $300,000 Gish Prize. In this essay she described the making of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial:
The president of the Nobel committee on literature reads one book a day, “to keep ill health away”
Do we need the Nobel? An exchange between Tim Parks and Per Wästberg, president of the Nobel Committee for Literature
Can you go on living after you die? Robert Gottlieb considers the accounts of those who’ve returned to tell the tale
I had a lot of fun working on this story about @nybooks and The 50 Year Argument. More docs about magazine editors!
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Priyamvada Natarajan suggests a new way to defend scientific inquiry in a time of rampant distrust and denialism
To see @Lisadwan’s performance in Beckett’s one-woman plays is “at once a haunting and an exorcism,” says @fotoole
SCOTUS may have declined to hear gay marriage appeals to avoid requiring every state to recognize marriage equality:…
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The literature of near-death experiences
What Scientists Really Do: Priyamvada Natarajan on uncertainty, provisionality, and the misunderstanding of science
Paul Krugman reviews Martin Wolf
The road to marriage equality has been an incremental one, but its course now seems clear, writes @DavidColeGtown
ISIS appeals to a younger, more radicalized generation of militants in Pakistan and Afghanistan, writes Ahmed Rashid:
What would have happened if the federal government had saved Lehman Brothers back in September 2008?…
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“Some of the greatest masterpieces of art produced by mankind in any century”: the story of the Ajanta caves
Why Weren’t Alarm Bells Ringing? Paul Krugman reviews Martin Wolf’s ‘The Shifts and the Shocks’ #longreads
Stephen Chow: a filmmaker who mixes slapstick and special effects in the service of mo lei tau (nonsense comedy)
Zadie Smith wrote pretty much the best thing about the gentrification of Manhattan.…
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Is there something “spiritual’ about John Coltrane’s last music? To Geoff Dyer it sounds more like a lot of noise…
Zadie Smith: “Manhattan is for the hard-bodied, the hard-minded, the multitasker, the alpha mamas and papas.”
Justice Scalia refuses to join any opinion that relies on legislative history. John Paul Stevens on why he’s wrong:
Finally, someone defines what the term "genius" really means.
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