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US policy on Israel-Palestine divides into three groups, argues @NathanThrall: Skeptics, Reproachers, and Embracers
Israel & the US: The Delusions of Our Diplomacy by @NathanThrall #longreads
Among the East German censors were authors, scholars, and critics, who worked hard to improve books they vetted.
This is one of the most devastating and dismissive art reviews I have ever read. I love it.…
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Great Scots! Gordon Craig on ‘How the Scots Invented the Modern World’ by Arthur Herman (2002)
State censorship of literature, from Voltaire to Solzhenitsyn, Manea, Kundera, and Kiš
William Carlos Williams, born on this day in 1883, was his own worst critic, cursed by a lifelong sense of self-doubt
Tim Judah's photos from the aftermath of the rebel counteroffensive in Eastern Ukraine
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The peerless Borges, lover of Stevenson and Shakespeare, on the greatest Anglo-Scottish union of all:…
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“Was the flowering of liberal Arab youth an illusion?” On the millennials and the Middle East:
'Ah but what about the page number?' Interesting blog post on academic referencing by Tim Parks… via @nybooks
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The inflation hawks were wrong about interest rates in 2008, and they’re wrong now, argues @JeffMadrick
Eric Foner’s free online course “A House Divided: The Road to Civil War, 1850-1861” starts tomorrow @cwrMOOC
The Pillars of Arab Despotism: Robert Worth on @shadihamid’s Temptations of Power and @jricole’s The New Arabs
ISIS is grabbing headlines these days, but #Iraq's Shia militia "have proved no less cruel than such Sunni rivals."
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Tim Parks has a problem with footnotes
“More poetry and mythology have been spun around flowers than around anything else except women.” Robin Lane Fox:
Nice story told in tweets this morning by @JamesRisen, about his first big scoop as a reporter.
"Koons, simply put, is Duchamp with lots of ostentatious trimmings."…
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Why are card tables covered in green baize? Why does Babar wear a green suit? Why is the knight of Sir Gawain green?
For a deep insight into what's happening in Iraq today, you won't do better than this by @maxrodenbeck:…
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Mario Praz related to things more than to people—his obsessive inventory of his apartment was a form of autobiography
Villainous and campy, pirates have been a source of literary fascination for centuries, writes Michael Dirrrda
Bruce Ackerman: In declaring war on ISIS, Obama has betrayed the Constitution, surpassed Bush in imperial hubris.
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Martin Filler on the psychology of decorating, and two new books about interior spaces
On September 16, join Ian Buruma at @192books for a discussion of his new book, Theater of Cruelty
When the great Lewis Cullman writes about philanthropic issues, you should read it. (If you're into that kinda thing)…
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Born on this day in 1917: the great muckraker Jessica Mitford. Her ‘Poison Penmanship’ was reprinted by @nyrbclassics
Law professor David Cole on Obama’s “far-fetched interpretations” and “legal sleight of hand” to justify airstrikes
What’s at stake for Scotland in next week’s independence vote? @Freedland explained the issues in this March piece:
Must-read, fact-filled essay by Israeli academic Assaf Sharon on the real reasons Israel went to war in Gaza.. again:…
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What Obama is proposing is war. And war requires Congressional authorization, writes @DavidColeGtown:
No orgies, please, we're Communist. My Q&A with Chinese sexpert, and newly minted S&M author, Li Yinhe in @nybooks
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Green: it suggests hope and health, also poison, disease, avarice. The meaning of a color:
Chinese sex expert Li Yinhe talks with Ian Johnson about same-sex marriage, orgies, and S&M
Edna St. Vincent Millay, 1914 (from “The Gardens of Their Dreams” by Robin Lane Fox:
Max Rodenbeck on the sad history of Iraq — 2,600 years of bloodshed…
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Longtime philanthropist says donor-advised funds are a public swindle.…
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And if you want a convenient summary of Zephyr Teachout's case against Cuomo, you can read the first section of this:
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“Of course the Americans will get rid of Saddam,” he said. “But what will we have then? A thousand little Saddams...”…
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"The real reason that Russians are dying... seems to be lack of hope," says @mashagessen #Russia
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In 1964, 29% of voters felt government was “run by a few big interests looking out for themselves.” By 2013, 79% did.