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By portraying Ebola as an out-of-control threat, US politicians and the media are making the disease harder to fight
"the number of new cases each week in Liberia is falling, not rising"…
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A brief history of style and structure in Microsoft Word: This tweet will self-destruct in a few days.
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As Ebola hysteria and paranoia rage in the US, the epidemic seems to be subsiding in Liberia, writes Helen Epstein
On the last last day British troops are in Afghanistan, this reveals just how little we achieved at such great cost
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As good as it gets on Citizenfour. Denouncing Surveillance, on Camera by David Cole… … via @nybooks
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War on Terror, problem of, in one graph, from Rory Stewart's review of Anand Gopal's book.…
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Finally put up a website after hemming and hawing for fifteen years or so. Lotsa reading material.
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Three Dream Songs by John Berryman, born 100 years ago today
"we are part of the problem. We have chosen to broadcast our lives." - David Cole…
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If you’re at @bostonbookfest today, stop by booth #3 for free issues and special offers on @nyrbclassics #bbf2014
David Cole on Laura Poitras’s documentary Citizenfour, Edward Snowden, and the precariousness of privacy today
Truly remarkable photographs document the Coca-Colaization of Japan: by Shomei Tomatsu, in @nybooks:
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Very interesting ode to WordPerfect (yes, really) and what makes a good writing tool: "Escape From Microsoft Word" -…
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The first 2 paragraphs...then decide if you read the rest…
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Greenberg's @nybooks piece, his latest fantastic report about NYPD (…), has this great graf:
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“That’s really me,” Joseph Roth wrote on this drawing of him, “nasty, soused, but clever.”
We'll also be @bostonbookfest, with free copies of The New York Review of Books and special offers on books. See you at booth #3. #bbf2014
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Manhood Against Marriage: Francine Prose reviews Ruben Östlund’s new film ‘Force Majeure’
Shomei Tomatsu’s extraordinary photographs of US military base towns in Japan and Okinawa
James Hill: The Hazrat Ali mosque, Mazar-i-Sharif, Afghanistan, November 2001
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Jonathan Mirsky reviews Descent into Hell: Civilian Memories of the Battle of Okinawa
Hitler was named Reich chancellor on January 30, 1933. That same day Joseph Roth began his life as an exile.
Suki Kim talks with Roger D. Hodge about teaching English to the children of North Korea’s elite
It’s been a year for Clinton memoirs: first, now
"Europe is facing a challenge from Russia to its very existence," George Soros writes in @nybooks…
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George Clinton of Parliament-Funkadelic has written a memoir full of sex, drugs, music history and business strife
The new @nyrbclassics edition of Tove Jansson’s short stories is highbrow and brilliant on @NYMag’s approval matrix
Three days and ten films left in @AnthologyFilm’s survey of Argentine cinema as selected by director Matías Piñeiro
Stefan Zweig vs. Joseph Roth at @mcnallyjackson, October 27
George Soros: Wake Up, Europe
James Guida reviews @george_clinton’s memoir ‘Brothas Be, Yo Like George, Ain’t That Funkin’ Kinda Hard on You?’
Yes I want Joan Didion's sunglasses, are you even kidding me. I would probably never take them off:…
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Isaiah Berlin: A Message to the 21st Century
The estimable @GuernicaMag celebrates its 10th anniversary with a gala featuring cocktails, dancing, and @mallelis
Tonight in New York, a lecture by Christopher Ricks: “Just Like a Woman? Bob Dylan & the Charge of Misogyny”
Lawyer Teng Biao on why he’s optimistic about the struggle for civil rights in China despite crackdowns on activists
The time Lincoln almost had to fight a duel for making up lies about a political opponent…?
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Microsoft Word is a work of genius—one that’s almost always wrong as a tool for writing, Edward Mendelson explains
First as farce: The failures of the US intervention in Afghanistan were “worse than even the most cynical believed”
How Abraham Lincoln played the press: 1. Infiltrate 2. Co-opt 3. Buy off 4. Repress 5. Outmaneuver
Collaboration between @VICE + @nybooks is an insane idea, right? Insane and kind of brilliant:…
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"people who identify w/ the Tea Party have slightly higher level of science comprehension… than the average American"…
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