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On September 16, join Ian Buruma at @192books for a discussion of his new book, Theater of Cruelty
When the great Lewis Cullman writes about philanthropic issues, you should read it. (If you're into that kinda thing)…
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Born on this day in 1917: the great muckraker Jessica Mitford. Her ‘Poison Penmanship’ was reprinted by @nyrbclassics
Law professor David Cole on Obama’s “far-fetched interpretations” and “legal sleight of hand” to justify airstrikes
What’s at stake for Scotland in next week’s independence vote? @Freedland explained the issues in this March piece:
Must-read, fact-filled essay by Israeli academic Assaf Sharon on the real reasons Israel went to war in Gaza.. again:…
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What Obama is proposing is war. And war requires Congressional authorization, writes @DavidColeGtown:
No orgies, please, we're Communist. My Q&A with Chinese sexpert, and newly minted S&M author, Li Yinhe in @nybooks
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Green: it suggests hope and health, also poison, disease, avarice. The meaning of a color:
Chinese sex expert Li Yinhe talks with Ian Johnson about same-sex marriage, orgies, and S&M
Edna St. Vincent Millay, 1914 (from “The Gardens of Their Dreams” by Robin Lane Fox:
Max Rodenbeck on the sad history of Iraq — 2,600 years of bloodshed…
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Longtime philanthropist says donor-advised funds are a public swindle.…
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And if you want a convenient summary of Zephyr Teachout's case against Cuomo, you can read the first section of this:
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“Of course the Americans will get rid of Saddam,” he said. “But what will we have then? A thousand little Saddams...”…
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"The real reason that Russians are dying... seems to be lack of hope," says @mashagessen #Russia
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In 1964, 29% of voters felt government was “run by a few big interests looking out for themselves.” By 2013, 79% did.
Bleak humor, gloomy fantasy, grim ironies: Max Rodenbeck reviews work by four Iraqi writers
No American playwright inspired more entertainingly bad Hollywood movies than Tennessee Williams
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The Meaning of 1914: A Free Conference at @StAntsCollege, September 27–28
The ties that bind New Orleans to the larger Creole world of the Caribbean…
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Philanthropist Lewis Cullman on how financial managers are raking in fees on tax-deductible charitable gifts
Antiaircraft gun, Verdun, 1916, from Peter Walther’s The First World War in Colour
Parlor game: Any other Scorsese titles that might work for his new NYRB doc? ("After Hours"?) @nybooks @aoscott
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In James Madison’s notebook from the summer of 1787, “corruption” appears 54 times.
For @ZephyrTeachout, corruption is the most pressing threat to our democracy. And those in power refuse to admit it.
This by the extraordinary @timjudah1 is essential reading. Ukraine's losses not being conveyed in Western press:…
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The real Knick: the memoirs of S. Josephine Baker, New York's crucial early-20th-century public-health visionary:…
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Russians are dying for lack of hope, says @mashagessen, in one of the best and saddest magazine pieces I've ever read…
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Mind-blowing deconstruction of Peanuts (starts on the 4th paragraph) by Umberto Eco -… via @nybooks
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Watch the trailer for The 50 Year Argument, which premieres this month on @HBODocs:
A photo by @timjudah1 of destroyed vehicles in Novokaterinivka, Ukraine. His grim report:
OUCH! @nybooks "There is not a shred of doubt in Jeff Koons. And where there is no doubt there is no art."…
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Joseph Lelyveld on Hillary Clinton’s memoir, and the “Yes…but” school of US foreign policy
Fighting words: "[Jeff] Koons’s overblown souvenirs are... a habit-forming drug for the superrich." | NYRB
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“His work is the apotheosis of Walmart.” Jed Perl’s withering review of the Jeff Koons retrospective:
"There are even studies that appear to show that Russian drinkers live longer than Russian non-drinkers."…
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“Women routing men! Some god was here with them.” From a new translation of Euripides’ Bacchae:
Assaf Sharon on the strategic failure of the war in Gaza, and of Netanyahu’s philosophy of “conflict management”
The war in Gaza is not about tunnels and not against rockets—it is a war over the status quo, Assaf Sharon writes:
Turns out Assad took Obama more seriously about that red line than do his critics, who leave out the major point.
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A 15-year-old in Russia has a lower life expectancy than in Ethiopia, Gambia, or Somalia. Why are the Russians dying?