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Why have Sunnis in Tikrit and Fallujah welcomed ISIS? They are more afraid of the government than of the militias.
Garry Wills on the Vatican’s four big structural problems: clericalism, celibacy, homophobia, patriarchy
MT @jackgillum: "Good news" says NSA exec's email re Guardian being forced to destroy computers…"
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The Pope and the Pederasts by Garry Wills
Jessica Mathews debunks some of the current fantasies and illusions about US involvement in Iraq:
Jessica Mathews of @CarnegieEndow on what’s misleading, and outright wrong, in media accounts of the violence in Iraq
ISIS’s offensive in Iraq has given the Kurds hope for an oil-rich independent state. But many obstacles remain.
"It’s difficult to defend liberal democracy with much enthusiasm abroad if it works so poorly at home" - @M_Ignatieff
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Deeply intermixed, the city of Kirkuk shows just how hard it would be to divide up Iraq, writes Joost Hiltermann:
Garry Wills wrote this about the 2012 GOP primary + it is still relevant now: "Contraception's Con Men"… via @nybooks
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Only Borges would think to explicate Boswell's relationship to Johnson with reference to a Hindu school of philosophy…
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Virginia Woolf: “Great writers often require … heroic efforts to read them rightly. They bend us and break us.”
Tibetan writer Woeser placed under house arrest in China after invitation to U.S. Embassy meeting.…
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Today's @the_intercept reporting brings to mind Hoover-era FBI surveillance of UC Berkeley:… @nybooks
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“The saving grace of democracy is its adaptability. It depends for its vitality on discontent.” – Michael Ignatieff
Arthur Miller’s The Crucible “endures as drama because of the biting contrasts it draws between sanity and insanity.”
Democracies today are in “a period of envy and despondency” like that of the 1930s, writes @M_Ignatieff
Ingrid D. Rowland on Yaël Farber’s production of ‘The Crucible’ in London, and “the tyranny of male over female”
"Doing more than George W. Bush abt climate change is not only a low bar, it’s also an irrelevant one" @billmckibben
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Charlotte Brontë published Jane Eyre as Currer Bell. But before that she picked pseudonyms like “the Genius C.B.”
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Charles Simic, Alma Guillermoprieto, Simon Critchley on the World Cup:
An essay by Christopher Benfey on Robert Frost, Taoism, Rock-a-bye Baby, yoga, Virginia Woolf, and bending the rules
For Kafka’s birthday, read Václav Havel’s short speech about his work, alienation, self-doubt, and shame