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Daniel Peter
justin bieber 63,927 followers
*She's talking to the blunt* OMG. He doesn't want you anymore. Me: I passed you to her for a reason, you're too small. I don't do that bro.
Blasting Bieber in the night. I'm not ashamed . Holy shit the kid can sing,
Constantly in search of thee booty. Yup. πŸ™Š
That one moment where you contemplate on getting food..
I'm glad I don't go to school. It was the worst moments of my life, now I'm free and can earn what matters most.
I feel like I'm constantly on the lookout for the bad girls. 😏
Ey, I know some girl got a foot fetish. I'm a freak no lie. πŸ’¦
I wanna hug a Pikachu . But I heard dreams is charging money because it's 2014. I bet it's illuminati. OMG.
If you were my big toe I'd bang you on every piece of furniture I have! πŸ˜‰
I'm getting facial hair. Mahgawd. so kawaii man.
Bout to turn up, ✌️
Universal Studios Hollywood Shuttle✌️
I need friends.. πŸ˜”
Mom: Who ate all the cookies?! Me: Guilty!
I banish thee from touching my food. Dafuq. Don't touch it,
There should be a limit of hair to my head, when it gets long, it curls . 😫
I'm single. Rumors are rumors .
RT for a follow! Going to be walking around UNIVERSAL CITYWALK , LA CALIFORNIA today! I would love to be social! πŸ™Š
I'm DANIEL PETER. Remember that name. Don't forget it.
FAVORITE for a DM if I follow you! 😘 - RT for a follow. �