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RIP #RobinWilliams a year on & the laughter you've given is as strong as ever!
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Everyone is loving our Celestial Necklaces!🌙🌠 Store-wide SALE TODAY ONLY! Shop: ShopCelestia.com4UY ✨qIvcX
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#TodaysKidsWillNeverKnow the struggle of abc texting, hitting a key 3 times just to get 1 letter
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LOVE getting left in the office on my own thanks guys x
Don't automatically assume with your initial instinct because it certainly isn't always right 😊
No chains. No cages. No tanks. #NotOurs
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I really, really, really, really, really (don't) like you 😸
Oh my god I have missed that feeling 😧 why I ever stopped exercising is beyond me
Little workout, & more to come. Can't wait to enjoy my body again. Feeling better already 😊
We all know a cute girl named Natalie
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We all know a Lesbian named Natalie
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We all know an iced gem called Thomas
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Some people have no shame! Fucking skank ergh, fucking foaming 👍😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸
Can't handle how much weight I'm putting on ergh it's so depressing gym next week for fucking definite
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It's so upsetting knowing just how little is being done about the police/gun crime over in America
What the fuck did I just read on facebook
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When lassies tweet 'If only you knew what your bf is up to' how about you stop being a wee slag and tell the lassie u fucking dug 😾😾😾😾😾😾😾😾😾
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@robga_ 😂😂😂😂 I know x
Just nearly put lipstick on as concealer I need bed I need sleep
I love work 👍😎
Every night I won't sleep unless I've definitely seen all of @MrCianTwomey's videos otherwise I just won't feel okay, I love Emily 💖
In love with my MK bag off @thomasmalloy95 thank u xxx
omg lol when people completely miss their neck when their foundation is like 20x darker than their skin tone like come on how do you forget
To a Dom whos girlfriend just landed at East Midlands airport from Zante Your GF cheated on you twice and boasted about it on the plane lmao
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Creased at my little brother, that's her told
@thefashionjunky I'm a business telesales woman in wallsend town hall, and definitely 💖 xxxxx
@thefashionjunky I'm still there just unsure when I'm actually gonna be working cause ATM working 5 days a week so I'm tired weekends xxxxx
Work is blerghhhh 😭 THATS ALL I HAVE YO SAY
lol it was payday Friday and I have £12.40 exactly to my name I'm so depressed and I still cannot feel my legs
Had such a good night not even hungover just my feet hurt like a bitch
Shittest mood EVER
So excited to go to London omg the zoo omg so many cocktails 😋🐒🐧🐼🐨�@__xxnat__@__xxnat__
Retweeted by Nat
Fight 👊 For 👈 Animal 🐮🐱🐰🐯🐭🐥 Righ#Compassion4Allsi0A8csHrFQ
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Haha well no you's haven't
My head is done in ATM like am so fucking stressed
Never felt a love like it ❤️
Perfect eyeliner 😺j
Shattered 😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟

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