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“Nothing is more beautiful than a smile that has struggled through tears” ― Demi Lovato
Okay your pretty, your face is a work of art, your smile could light up New York City out the dark🎧
“The sky is the limit... for some people aim higher nothing is impossible.” ― Demi Lovato
I don't know why, but, I really love this pic😻 ❤BlondeVato❤
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Follow my new account please, help me gain, if you follow my new account and help me gain I'll give…
This is me all over😍👏👌
It's unbelievable how lonely one person can feel😒...
Giving out relationship advice yet I can't even manage to get a girlfriend of my own...😳✋ Seems legit👌
Love IS an open door👏🙌. So on point😂�
How one can not love her I simply do not understand💕
Laughing so hard right now😂👏
What's happened with you and Becky?! — Nothing has, who said something happened?!
ryanlowndes - Snapchat. Come say hey, snapchat me guys😝✌️�
This little boy right here means so much to me and ILoveHim to death. He's a little stunner, I can't…
Sore throat😖😷
She looks so perfect standing there🎧😍👌�
Is Becky ok?... — I don't know, I don't think so :(
I only started playing about a week ago. And my high score is almost 10 million — Awesome :)
Yeah I did. It's soo sad. I'm more of a cat person. B... — I'm a proper dog lover and it's kinda broken my heart...
What's your high score on temple run? — I'm not sure I haven't played it in MONTHS haha
Seriously?! — Yeah and OMG have you heard about the Manchester dogs home :'(
Glad to make ya laugh.. — :)
How often do you go to parties? — No comment...
Welllllll it is ❤️ — Oh okay hahahah
I kinda gathered that. But u still worked it out — Hahaha
Oh... So you didn't know you said "Nothing, you?!" — Wasn't aware that was screaming :/ hahaha
Would you like to be famous and for what reason? — Yeah but I mean who wouldn't and I'd love to be famous for he...
You are smart bc you figured out u was talking to me — Not gonna lie I've known it was you for a long time hahah...
I'm good! Why are we screaming!! ❤️ — I didn't know we was screaming hahaha
No. U r smart. — Trust me I'm not haha
Swup? (Sup?) — Nothing you?!
Do u like Oreos?? — Nope haha I don't, I'm really fussy and don't like a lot of stuff haha
I'm a bit surprise u knew who I was — Why?!
Yeah. I get what ur saying. I didn't think u knew it ... — I know you try really hard and I know it is hard trus...
I know I annoy you. I can sense your vibe. Ur mostly ... — I'm not mostly angry at you, I just feel like you don...
I miss talking to you but I feel like I'm constantly annoying you — You don't at all don't worry just talk to me
My niece and nephew are so precious and mean so much to me, they're little stunners, the love I have…
We haven't talked for a few days</3 — :(
Thank you soo much Ryan❤️ — No problem :)
Miss you.... — Miss you too :(
Yeah. Your ask header. It's perfect❤️❤️ — Iknow it is✌️haha and here you go :D
You've changed btw :') — How have I changed?!