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Nurse Barb
Harmonica Therapy helps people who suffer from COPD....
Are you avoiding talking to your #agingparents about driving? Here are some interesting statistics to consider:
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Dr. Karpman from @elcaminohosp speaks about treatments for #men with #BPH. #prostate #urolift
Keep your #baby from getting overheated this #summer! #parenting #tips
Know a women going through #menopause? You don't want to ask these 3 questions...
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, or #PCOS, is a disorder in which affected women have enlarged ovaries containing numerous cysts. If you experience irregularities in your #menstrual cycle or symptoms of excess androgen (acne or male-pattern hair growth), you may want to consult your doctor. For more in
#Summer is in full swing, and babies need special care to keep them #healthy and cool during hotter months. #Nurse Barb's favorite tips include: Staying in the shade as much as possible Hats and sunglasses protect from UV rays.. And keep your little ones stylish Rest, rest, and more rest. #Heat can
Do yourself - and your health - a favor and SKIP the tanning bed....
Have some red wine - it's good for your #health! #cancer
#Nurses, looking good, feeling good and keeping up with your relentless pursuit of work–life balance is possible:
Luvena is the best kept secret of women's health: vaginal lubricators keep everything running smoothly. #Luvena is for women of all ages and stages! For more information on #lubricants, visit
Look no further for your summer energy booster than my new post with @NationalHoney. #sp
Vitamin D IS good for us! Are you using too much sunscreen?…
Exercise during #pregnancy is important! If you already #exercise, continue, and if you don't, begin slowly (unless advised otherwise by your doctor). Suggested forms of exercise include: -cycling 🚴🏽 -hiking -walking🚶🏿 -aerobics -swimming🏊🏽 For more information, visit
Are you getting enough Vitamin D? #sunshine #summer
How to manage breakthrough pain and pain flares while battling cancer....
Why should you start caring about your bone #health now? #exercise #boneloss
Which #foods should you avoid during #pregnancy to prevent food poisoning?
Do you have a teen going off to college this summer? You must read this beautiful letter from a son to his...
What can you do to keep your #baby healthy and safe this #summer? #safetytips
Ahh, if only all stupid mistakes could be undone. ➡️ Some ear-lobe stretchers regret look, turn to plastic surgery.…
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How one hospital protected newborn babies from medical errors just by changing their wristbands - brilliant!…
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Look closely, you can see the cords on the #heartvalves,…
Your Gut Biome and Bacteria: The universe inside influences a lot more than you might think.…
Look no further for your summer energy booster than my new post with @NationalHoney. #sp
New ground is constantly being broken in the field of prenatal genetic testing. New options are less invasive and less risky than previous tests, but are still imperfect. To learn more about prenatal genetic testing, visit:
Want to know what your #teen is thinking. Read this beautiful letter. #parenting
Birth control, breastfeeding, and sex after birth.…
The nuts & bolts of genetic testing for breast #cancer. #womenshealth @elcaminohosp
Could you be using too much sunscreen? #vitamind #health
Twins can be double the fun, but require a little more care during the pregnancy. In addition to needing additional daily calories to support the second child, an expectant mother of twins may experience more discomfort. For how to deal with these symptoms and other great twin tips, visit: http://ww
Could your birth control be behind your lowered sex-drive?
Each year, there are about 3 million accidental pregnancies in the U.S. To protect yourself from birth control mishaps, learn more about emergency contraception options at:
You really don't want to say these things to a #women going through #menopause
#Nurses, when you care about your appearance, you’re communicating to the world you know how to care for yourself:
Are you at risk for #breastcancer? Should you get tested? #womenshealth
What can you do to keep your baby cool and healthy this summer?...
You'll Never Again Cut Watermelon Any Other Way! WATCH VIDEO
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#Cancer patients suffer from pain flares & breakthrough pain. Managing them isn't always easy.
In #France, an artificial heart. Thanks @p_galipon for the update on Dr. Carpentier's breakthrough.…

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