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इबादत करते हैं जो लोग जन्नत की तमन्ना में इबादत तो नहीं है इक तरह की वो तिजारत है जो डर के नार-ए-दोज़ख़ से...
Ironically, Khushwant Singh, whose scholarly treatise A History of the Sikhs won him international acclaim, was...
A prolific writer with over 80 books to his credit, Khushwant Singh always encouraged first-time writers
"कवि हूँ, जो सब मौन भोगते-जीते मैं मखरित करता हूँ। मेरी उलझन में दुनिया सुलझा करती है- एक गाँठ जो बैठ अकेले खोली...
Not all scars show. Not all wounds heal. Sometimes you can't see, the pain someone feels.
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This beautiful world..sometimes poisonous..
Poem is a response of soul in the presence of GOD .
Sometimes passions work to divert us against bitterness of the world.
It is important we respond..
Our reactions make our destiny
Mind is supreme..
Am I drinking ? Then something wrong with harmony of my mind n body.
Sentience and sensory feelings are both responsible for spirituality and science.
Man is made from his thoughts
When there is anger there is no thought process..
Good morning
Do not change the name of Shankaracharya Hill in Kashmir… via @Change4India
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Sometimes the people who hurt us the most are people who were hurt more than us.
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good morning
जेब कतरों को देख फैल गया रोष भुनाया गया फिर आम आदमी का आक्रोश ना नीति या दर्शन ना चिंतन या मनन बस आक्रोश मे...