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Scott Simon
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This week's essay on how candidates with low poll numbers can leave an impression in life:
Our fall membership campaign is underway! 10 more minutes to catch @nprscottsimon on @NPRWeekend. Then, @cartalk.
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Up ahead: how a little boy born w/ cerebral palsy helped his parents see more deeply into life; then Shaky Graves's new duo.
Very strong story now from @anderskelto on the challenge of Ebola--even after they survive.
Supporting Fall Clean-up of Seneca Park/Eli's Playground & Lake Shore Park with @ElisCheesecake @Starbucks
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Good to have Comm Sec @PennyPritzker on. Chicagoan to Chicagoan, asked her if US says to Turkey, help us, we'll help you.
Support @NPRWeekend Edition with @nprscottsimon by pledging online at OR by calling 901-325-6544
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Up ahead: our Peter Kenyon interviews a member of the Free Syrian Army on how to fight ISIS w/out arming radicals.
I just asked H'wood "bug wrangler" if he just points at a cockroach & says, "Action." That's what our director does w/ me.
-Maestra Marin Alsop on a Russian composer who has been gone a century but still had the power to arouse an audience.
Up ahead: shattering film, The Overnighters, tells story of a pastor in a fracking boom town (yes, a tricky phrase). And-
Yes, lottsa local stations raising $$$ today & have to cover parts of our show. We're sorry, too, but it's our bloodline.
I paraphrase fine @MJGerson column: expecting docs to treat ebola by website protocols like hitting a curve by reading up.
We're on the air! Up ahead: that Dallas hospital analyzes what went wrong; & a priest recalls his family friend James Foley.
Well if the US Supreme Court can work early Saturday morning, so can I. Pass over a bagel, please, Justice Scalia...
Watching @espn in studio: don't have to be Freud to note that ads show explosions (in movies) & knowing smiles (ED pills).
To change the world we must be good to those who cannot repay us.
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Just recorded a line for today's show: "...and some people harvest corn differently than you might imagine." Mind reels...
After two Saturday mornings in London and a 3rd in midair, ready to return to my habit of starting the weekend with @nprscottsimon.
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Writers have a rare power not given to anyone else: we can bore people long after we are dead. SINCLAIR LEWIS #amwriting #writing
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Today's already peaked. RT @pickover: A walrus was discovered asleep atop a Russian submarine.
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re-tweet:: At times I worry I'm having problems with my short term memory. At times I worry I'm having problems with my short term memory.
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Crime expert on @CNN on sniffer dogs: "They can do great work, but dogs can make big mistakes." Surely it's human handlers?
Should I have a fan at my feet in the studio when I do the show tomorrow? Is that within rules? Would Floridians object?
Wasn't @RonaldKlain played by @KevinSpacey in a TV movie? I wonder if @IamSandraOh would be better casting for Ebola Czar.
Also has amazing memories of Percy Herbert, a character actor, who was in Kwai camp & taught whistling theme to David Lean.
So @sirrogermoore :sheer class. 007 reunions w/ Dalton & Brosnan but Sean diffient on 007. "I just want to be remembered."
A wonderful woman who charges illegal migrants' cell phones in Calais. An inspiration.
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Trying to encourage daughters to be Ellen Sirleaf & Angela Merkel for Halloween. But looks like it'll be Elsa & Anna.
london taxi driver: what do you do? me: i sing london taxi driver: do you do any of that harry connick stuff? me: um... šŸ˜
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Get to interview @sirrogermoore tomorrow. Any questions, 007 or otherwise? He's written a funny memoir, ONE LUCKY BASTARD.
@nprscottsimon I am over-served on pumpkin everything . In the food industry apparently orange is the new crack
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When @Zagat has a list of 10 Best Pumpkin Beers I wonder how did they even get one?
I admire anyone w/ the nerve to put their name on a ballot, D, L, R or V. It's like paying a mob to throw tomatoes at you.
Can't wait for the massive media coverage of the totally non-existent historic rivalry between the SF Giants and the KC Royals.
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The guys had sooo much fun singing with the awesome Storm Large (@Stormof69) tonight at the @IrvineBarclay! #vigantic
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Carter Center closes #Egypt office. No point monitoring parliamentary elections since "political space has narrowed."
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Sea Otters hold hands while sleeping so they don't drift away from each other
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The @Royals have made me a believer.
did you fly on Frontier Airlines flight 1143 Cleveland to DFW on October 13? if so, call 800-CDC-INFO.... new ebola patient was on board
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Glad to speak in Syracuse & say they have a national treasure in their midst @halseanderson
Many thanks to @nprscottsimon for a wonderful evening in Syracuse!!! Am still blushing from all the kind words!
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Nice sight at Syracuse Civic Center (but mostly get to talk about @halseanderson
I wish my mother was around to see the heart of the church open wide today.
I pass along this view from my hotel room window just to say: I've slept in worse places too
These two were spotted by local fishermen in Turkey. They have been seen together for over a year now!
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Yes, I know I'm mentioned in #Dabiq, the glossy ISIS magazine. Sometimes, "as long as they spell it right" isn't right.