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Scott Simon
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Backstage w/ @PinkMartiniBand @arishapiro @ChinaForbes & der Von Trapps What voices!
David Haines was somebody whose only purpose was to help innocent people, themselves victims of conflict.
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Having the peerless @ChinaForbes ask you to pose for a selfie must be like winning a Grammy:
Not leapin' on anything this AM, but sooo glad pal @wadegoodwyn does such a fine job. Back next week (& hope many more!)
Quote of the day, month, year?: Fmr. CIA dir. Hayden says "Reliance on air power (against #ISIS) has all the attraction of casual sex"
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It's so hot in Los Angeles today I'm too tired to write the punch line.
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Abuse & head injury make it hard to enjoy football this yr. Hard to enjoy the art of the game & disregard human wreckage.
My wife is reading Valerie Trierweiler's memoir in French and getting appalled, page after page after page...
The Times couldn't find a way to fit the full word "jewelry" on to the page?
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Despite pleas, I cannot reveal punchline that made our 7yr old do a spit take. Let's just say: rhymes w/ dairy klutz.
Highlight of day/week/year: made our 7yr old laugh so hard, she did a spit take (alas, over a joke I cannot share here).
A thought 2day for Capt. Gerry Barbra @FDNY who gave his life for his city & country. Our daughters grow up hearing of him.
Not sure what this means: our 11yr old watching 2012 videos of her sister, now 7, picking flowers. "Wasn't she cute?"
French friend pts out their president's approval just 13%. High taxes & hijinks, which the Fr aren't supposed to care about
My iPhone just said: "After all we've been through! & you want to get rid of me for someone new? Who has a bigger screen?"
Looking at my iPhone today & finding it outmoded & inadequate. Wonder if it feels the same about me.
However: part of low approval ratings in democracy is that we live in a country where people can kvetch w/out consequence.
If approval rating of Congress & the president got any lower, they'd be the Baltimore Ravens.
So what do you do when you get @iTunes on laptop but tv says "@iTunes Unavailable. Try again later."? Carrie needs us now!
Daughter's 6th grade math homework was as familiar to me as Sanskrit. Wait, I've seen Sanskrit at @britishmuseum So, less.
3m Syrians are refugees. Just stop for a moment and think about that.
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Creepy @ShaneGoldmacher: This is, by far, the craziest thing you'll read today:…
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Just saw new Ray Rice video. Sickening, as well as shocking. Shouldn't @Ravens fans consider canceling their tickets?
Insightful piece on 50th anniversary of "daisy" ad that changed politics --& maybe not for better.
Just seeing eloquent @MJGerson on son leaving: "very best thing abt yr life is a short stage in someone else’s story."
My MIL, like a many French, is appalled by Valérie Trierweiler's cheat&tell memoir. So glad she shares all details w/ us.
Pal Michael Enright's @CBCSunday lovely essay on child going to college I won't be as philosophical.
PBS's POV has an adorable documentary about 8 people over age 80 competing in World table tennis tournament. Geez I wish I could grow old.
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Tonight on family movie night: Brave. Any reviews?
Just got the terrible news that my friend Molly Glynn killed in a freak accident. Hug each other close, people.…
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Lengthy @nprscottsimon Weekend Edition segment this a.m. on Pink Martini & Von Trapps, w/Portland shout-outs:…
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This week's essay on what "recliner rebellion" in the skies might portend:
Glad to have @billychilds on to talk about his re-imagined Laura Nyro. One great artist inspired by another.
Up ahead: sports! pennant races, etc. & Bill Hader on new drama--yes--w/ Kristen Wiig on twins tossed apart, then together.
Up ahead: the battle between billboards & highway beauty in Texas; a thought for @Joan_Rivers; & Ian McEwan on new novel.
Also gotta say: @IvoHDaalder great live interview: informed, pointed, interesting--and he knows how to talk to time!
Gotta say, in awe of how our @GilesSnyder goes from Danish to Chinese to Serbian names in US Open. I stumble over that.
Up ahead: NATO summit, all wrapped & pretty from @arishapiro & @IvoHDaalder will ponder w/ us.
Grrreat 18 mins coming up: good talk about tough new movie Starred Up& @PinkMartiniBand & the Von Trapp family together!
Up ahead: the latest on Ebola from Liberia; and Henry Kissinger on his new WORLD ORDER.
We're on the air! Iraq is our lede story for the hour of the show coming up.
In studio, caffeinated, & ready to leap upon the news like an orchid mantis on an unsuspecting honeybee.