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Scott Simon
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-I mean, @MrPiffles is hilarious! Soma, Hungarian musician, is as delightful as @pennjillette says. Good show in all ways.
Gotta say, really enjoying Penn&Teller @FoolUsTV Gives a real glimpse of the special brother/sisterhood of magicians.
Did lines as Angelo, Measure to Measure, for @HiddenBrain Said I was chilling. Guess they won't touch my lunch in fridge.
Everything Jim Foley's parents say about their son convinces me that journalism--& humanity--can't lose people like that.
US, UK, Aus & Can reporters always vulnerable because many parts of the world think reporters are spies for their gov'ts.
The beheading of James Foley is criminal & reprehensible. Thoughts & prayers with his family, & thanks for his dedication.
Not sure what made me find the peerless Bernadette Peters singing No One is Alone, but glad I did.…
Morning dew vs Hurricane. Must watch: @Letterman: Dave remembers Robin Williams.
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ICYMI, the National Zoo's red panda Shama had to be euthanized this weekend:
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What demo do I belong to when I think Blazing Saddles is a classic but Meet the Fockers is...not...?
You order food at posh food spot at LGA on iPad. Works, but I miss the "How ya' doing part? esp in NYC.
If @iraglass doesn't especially like Shakespeare, would he like our pals at @reduced Shakespeare more or less?
The @BleacherReport on golfer returning prize spells "mis-hit" without hyphen. Well, that's one way to go viral.
Emails fly after my grade school reunion, making me think of this salute to long friendships…
60 Broadway artists sleeping on the street tonite to help @CovenantHouse's homeless youth #BwaySleepout
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Overheard: exasperated agent to aggravated flier: "Gate 43 is right over there, between Gate 41 and Gate 45." Obviously!
Soon as I declare I root for Jackie Robinson West, they score only 2 runs. @Cubs fan Carma. I'll observe silence til...
Another reunion note: made a lot of same jokes we did when 12. Amazing how everything falls away & lets the kid take over.
And congrats on the best Emmy pic ever. Haa! RT @jodi_mancuso: "The best Emmy pic ever!! Congrats #SNLHair! #winning"
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A hilight of grade school reunion: recalling sex ed w/ distinguished school principal. How did he know all those words too?
Just realized our grade school reunion taking place on anniversary of Elvis's death. Cue music...
"It made me want to make an attempt at giving us a relationship" Kids see dad at prison summer camp via @RadioMirage
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Grade school reunion tonight. Sad to note a couple of us no longer here. Their memories will warm us.
Most folks buying @us_navyseals tee-shirts at airport look a little closer to @NationalZoo seals.
And now @imogenheap who makes music from the world's symphony that tunes up in our ears...
And now @ThrityUmrigar on her fine novel THE STORY HOUR on two women who reach across a divide, & the complications they invite.
Up ahead--sports. Hear about that 13 yr old woman blazing a trail through LLWS. & new anthology of great football writing w/ a great cast!
Robin Williams could see the world from the outside. He was maybe a little uncomfortable in this world @nprscottsimon…
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Up next, the latest from Ferguson MO. & then the indictment of Governor Perry in Texas.
@nprscottsimon "dystopian fantasy" is the new "Orwellian". Now, how did Orwell not use "Orwellian," that's the mystery.
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By request: this week's essay on Robin Williams & why those who bring us joy don't always find it:
How did George Orwell write 1984 w/out calling it "a dystopian fantasy"? I hear "dystopian fantasy" now more than Big Mac.
So glad we can have @MarthaWoodroof on to talk about her debut novel, Small Blessings. & so it is...
To all who ask: yes, we'll post the Robin Williams essay later when we have a link. Thanks for asking.
Up next: how a trial could change $$ in the middle east; a remarkable WWI memorial; & kids at camp trying to know their imprisoned fathers.
We're on the air! Just ahead: that Russian convoy might pass into Ukraine; sanctions on Russia pinching Europe; & Robin...
In studio, caffeinated, & ready to leap upon the news like Robin Williams on a chance to make someone laugh.
Steven Spielberg Discusses The Mysterious, Slimy Man Who Played E.T.
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Ordered-in Indian food because our cat likes chicken tandoori. Don't know if this is eccentric behavior, or just British.
Just told researcher who asked when my wife would be back, "None of yr business." Was it really Colin Firth?
Some 400,000 people went to Woodstock 45 years ago. Some 900,000 remember being there.
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Xooo glad we interview @ThrityUmrigar on her fine new novel this week about the stories we keep inside until...they burst.
I am shy of predictions. But Capt. Ron Johnson will become a police chief somewhere soon, & that city will be lucky.
Heartening how one man of evident good sense & a stout, good heart (Captain Ron Johnson) can still troubled waters.
Aargh! Just when @RedSox fans thought it's bad year-- & now @hamersleysbstro will close. Our family will make a last visit!