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Scott Simon
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Our wife told daughters this morning, "I know you wish you were being raised by wolves or iPads, but we're your parents."
Another day, another year I didn't win a MacArthur Genius grant. Guess I'll write a couple of tweets.
Recap "Adrian Peterson is innocent until proven guilty by law and will have our full, oh crap we lost a sponsor get him out of here for now"
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I don't get a vote on #Scotland But the impassioned but civil debate suggests they've created a great democracy together.
@nprscottsimon @Rick_Bayless If i died today many of my kids would just remember me as the bald guy brought home the overpriced green dip.
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It's #NationalGuacamoleDay Why just 1? Isn't there something we can swap out for a 2nd or 3rd? @Rick_Bayless @JimGaffigan
Missing from the talk about domestic violence right now. The voices of children who witness it and carry that with them forever
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Began day at mass at school w/ oldest daughter. Wonderful to sit in back & see her w/ her pals & in prayer.
The Adrian Peterson case: Conversation about black fatherhood obscures the real tragedy here.…
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NFL tipping point: Not just individual players losing sponsors, but whole teams -- Radisson drops Vikings…
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These four girls were killed in 16th Street Baptist Church, Birmingham, Alabama, today 1963: #NARA
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"@ABRACCO: “Three Irish fishermen sacrifice a day’s work to rescue a stranded pod of dolphins"
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The enduring importance of questioning government leaders, whether they're waging war or wanting peace. #ISIS…
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If it was just called violence, not "domestic violence," would that make a difference?
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Seems like just yesterday I was yodeling w/ @arishapiro Today he's back on the Scotland referendum beat. Yodeleeheehoo!
Francis Scott Key's handwritten "Star-Spangled Banner" (1840)--was inspired 200 years ago this morning: #LOC
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Tony Auth, rest in peace. The Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist was 72.…
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Daughters want to know: when dolphins get together, do they say, "Aren't humans amazing animals? Almost like dolphins!"
Do you think enough @nfl stars will make bail to play all of today's games?
Backstage w/ @PinkMartiniBand @arishapiro @ChinaForbes & der Von Trapps What voices!
David Haines was somebody whose only purpose was to help innocent people, themselves victims of conflict.
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Having the peerless @ChinaForbes ask you to pose for a selfie must be like winning a Grammy:
Not leapin' on anything this AM, but sooo glad pal @wadegoodwyn does such a fine job. Back next week (& hope many more!)
Quote of the day, month, year?: Fmr. CIA dir. Hayden says "Reliance on air power (against #ISIS) has all the attraction of casual sex"
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It's so hot in Los Angeles today I'm too tired to write the punch line.
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Abuse & head injury make it hard to enjoy football this yr. Hard to enjoy the art of the game & disregard human wreckage.
My wife is reading Valerie Trierweiler's memoir in French and getting appalled, page after page after page...
The Times couldn't find a way to fit the full word "jewelry" on to the page?
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Despite pleas, I cannot reveal punchline that made our 7yr old do a spit take. Let's just say: rhymes w/ dairy klutz.
Highlight of day/week/year: made our 7yr old laugh so hard, she did a spit take (alas, over a joke I cannot share here).
A thought 2day for Capt. Gerry Barbra @FDNY who gave his life for his city & country. Our daughters grow up hearing of him.
Not sure what this means: our 11yr old watching 2012 videos of her sister, now 7, picking flowers. "Wasn't she cute?"
French friend pts out their president's approval just 13%. High taxes & hijinks, which the Fr aren't supposed to care about
My iPhone just said: "After all we've been through! & you want to get rid of me for someone new? Who has a bigger screen?"
Looking at my iPhone today & finding it outmoded & inadequate. Wonder if it feels the same about me.
However: part of low approval ratings in democracy is that we live in a country where people can kvetch w/out consequence.
If approval rating of Congress & the president got any lower, they'd be the Baltimore Ravens.
So what do you do when you get @iTunes on laptop but tv says "@iTunes Unavailable. Try again later."? Carrie needs us now!
Daughter's 6th grade math homework was as familiar to me as Sanskrit. Wait, I've seen Sanskrit at @britishmuseum So, less.
3m Syrians are refugees. Just stop for a moment and think about that.
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Creepy @ShaneGoldmacher: This is, by far, the craziest thing you'll read today:…
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Just saw new Ray Rice video. Sickening, as well as shocking. Shouldn't @Ravens fans consider canceling their tickets?
Insightful piece on 50th anniversary of "daisy" ad that changed politics --& maybe not for better.