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Scott Simon
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A Secret Service chief has to resign if agents are caught w/ prostitutes but not when guy gets a knife into White House?
Finger points to part of brain that makes me a Cub fan:
Could never be a judge on @ChopTedAllen w/ the kids. I want them all to win & be happy.
@nprscottsimon am sitting across the aisle. The man has cheap shoes.
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Just overheard an exec fire a man from his cellphone on a train. All those management workshops don't always pay off.
In Atlantic City to do story on what do you do when you're a one business town with a lot of Going Out of Business signs?
-and Jason said he said, "You're welcome." "Why correct them?" he asked. "I'm an actor. Send the folks home happy."
PS to previous: Jason Robards told us once ppl stopped him in airports to say, "Thx Mr. Bradlee for helping our country."-
A thought tonight for Ben Bradlee, in hospice care. Saw him a few months ago. Ailing but still exuding charm.
Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see. I like this #quote. Let's be sure we send a hopeful message.
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It's astonishing, really, how much food a Giacometti-sculpture-shaped teenager can put away.
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Ronald Reagan stars in "Hong Kong: Port of a Thousand Dangers" 1952: #Paramount
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The @UofC China decision: Are US schools opening in China spreading free inquiry or just taking $ from authoritarians?
ONLY A PLAY, w/ Lane, Broderick, Mullally, Abraham, etc. Laughs at line, "Broadway is Statue of Liberty for sit-com stars."
Whole raft of great cartoonists & fans on way to Tony Auth memorial today…
Brother & Out of Sight fine films. But a dreamy movie star best in a role where you can begin to see his hunkiness fray.
Well yes: The Descendants & Three Kings may be best films. But scene w/ the boy in the car in Clayton and crying in Air.
So while we're talking about George Clooney: Michael Clayton or Up In The Air his best role?
I guess guests arriving for the wedding in Venice. If I left now, I could get there for dessert. If I was invited...
Join Chicagoans mourning the loss of Sue Gin who was an amazing entrepreneur,philanthropist and dear friend
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Univ of Chicago is ending a relationship with with China because of concerns about academic freedom…
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This week's essay on how Banned Books Week remind us "classics" still have power to make us gasp
A great story on Ai WeiWei's new work in Alcatraz, followed by profile of the Babe Ruth of art forgers...
Just heard the phrase "virgin astroturf" on our show. Hmmm. Shudder to think of the implications...
Ahead: Ben Busch, now a writer & actor, returns to Iraq; and then, sports!
An outstanding story by our @LeilaFadel on Yazidi women who managed to escape ISIS.
So glad we welcome @StepCarter to our show to reflect on presidential powers in war & stress. Always on original thinker.
This is just a terrific profile of Mac Wiseman by @RightByHerRoots of @WPLN Sooo glad they did story for us!
Always a good day when I can play Tom Lehrer when directing - that was @nprscottsimon 's pick, "Smut" out of his essay on Banned Books Week!
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Up ahead: @amazon plans for making content; Paul Theroux on the art & sweat of short stories; & Mac Wiseman.
I envy @DonGonyea for doing a great story on political ads, & being able to root for the @tigers What's this World Series?
On now: India explores Mars for less; how Francis Fukuyama sees our planet now; & why political ad-men looove Detroit in post-season.
Our pal @GilesSnyder has what newsroom calls "Confederate general's goatee." Shouldn't a newsman know the Union won?
We're on the air! Ahead: how does a terrorist group go into the oil business anyway? Hitting ISIS in its gas tank.
A first sign of autumn: streetwalkers near our studios start put on scarves. Is there an old Cole Porter song about that?
In studio, caffeinated, & ready to leap upon the news like The Captain on a ground ball to short...
Favorite line from afternoon editorial meeting: "He said a lot of things I won't forget that I can't remember right now."
The House of Commons debate for the UK to join the campaign against ISIS reminds you how democracy can inspire so many.
live @CNN of ISIS in combat nr. Syria-Turkey border. Cheers from Kurdish crowds to see ISIS casualties. Our world 2014.
Think I see my wife jump a bit when the phone trills. Expecting a last-minute call from George Clooney?
George Clooney will get married while we're on Saturday. Better excuse to miss this one that I did for Brad & Angelina.
Keith Olbermann has been struck silent, at least for a little while. Which is nice. #Jeter
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So now that his baseball career is done, Derek #Jeter moves back home to Kalamazoo, right?
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Countries that voted AGAINST sharing evidence of Syrian regime's atrocities with relevant @UN bodies: Algeria China Cuba Russia Venezuela
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@nprscottsimon Christy here from Mark West Stables - any chance you'd tweet a call out for our local food bank? Merci
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