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Scott Simon
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Think @mattbai story of how press brought down Gary Hart will make reporters ponder sanctimony?
2 @BigAppleCircus contortionists just squeezed into a hatbox. Looked like coach seats.
A favorite night I' the year--@BigAppleCircus !!! I'm often confused w/ the llama.
A book about another Simon who happens to be an ass. Or is that vice versa?
For @simon_schama & others: great @StepCarter column on how we pruned pruned blood from terms of war
This week's essay on The Host Whisperer a man of sense & wit whom we owe a lot: David Candow @CBC
OK, sobs in studio as we listen to @ladygaga & @itstonybennett & we hear a lot...
Gotta say: @ladygaga is a terrific jazz singer. @itstonybennett gets a whole new side out of her. Beautiful stuff.
MT @ted_chamberlain: Butterfly on unflappable flutist's face--here's video @nprscottsimon @NPRWeekend just mentioned:
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Up ahead: @itstonybennett & @ladygaga Kinda says it all, doesn't it?
Up ahead: former extreme Islamist recruiter explains how he signed up adherents; & can ISIS be defeated w/out US boots?
Up ahead: Texas gov candidates debate & try to reach Hispanic voters; & @nfl domestic violence scandal.
Up ahead: @anne_sinclair on her memoir of her grandfather, a vital friend to art; & @PaoloNutini 's Scots soul singing!
Scientist says, "so we could collect sweat & put it into petrie dishes..." A reminder that I am lucky to have this job.
Standing O in studio for Rule, Brittania. "Britons never never never shall be slaves!" Typically grrreat @arishapiro story
Up ahead: why did Scotland vote NO? Poets get the last word. @lfrayer on Catalan vote. & sniffing out an ideological mate.
We're on! Ahead: Ebola lockdown in Sierra Leone, & @Laurie_Garrett on widening threat. & a remembrance of a vital voice.
In studio, caffeinated, ready to leap upon the news like @nfl on abusive players. Oh, wait, that won't impress anyone...
Inspired by young footballer Milan Patel battling cancer. Keep fighting mate! @KenWardFC #SupportMilansThirdBattle
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The @nflcommish says they're a "microcosm of society." Millionaire athletes playing violent game saturated w/ drugs?
I'm not sure pointing to "partnerships," calls to a hot line, & hiring more consultants looks like taking responsibility.
It's always inspiring when someone robotically says "you know I feel passionately..." as he's glancing down to read his speech.
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Just had chilling, vital talk w? @Laurie_Garrett on Ebola. Outbreak so wide, 400,000 people could be felled by end of year.
-Some basics: avoid dependent clauses; & long, titled prefaces to names; & gerunds & ing words. Most of all: be yourself.
Sorry to hear of loss of David Candow. The Host Whisperer taught so much to many of us who didn't know what we had to learn-
Genuinely sad to hear about the death of David Candow who taught and inspired generations of public radio journalists. #rip #nprlife
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Kvelling: our 11yr had to write a paper on a famous humanitarian. Chose Roberto Clemente.
Damn it. Been in line for 5 hours for the new iPhone. Turns out I was in line for Ray Rice jersey exchange.
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Photo of the day: "I love butterflies, I want to fly like them." "Where to?" "Syria!" 5yr Nassar. Via @eujin2
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I don't get a vote, but...whew. Great, Britain!
Honored to honor @drshow tonight. Diane: "Let's keep live radio, w/ dogs barking & phones ringing..."
I pass along Zeke Emanuel's piece on why he hopes to go at 75 even as I hope to talk him out of it.
Paul Theroux brightened day w/ his book, & telling me that Graham Greene & VS Naipaul also don't drive. Grand company!
New text-based alert system to warn Americans who are in 10-mile radius of an NFL player
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The @ChiPubSchools says they can't name new school @BarackObama because he's still alive. Then why not name it PS @Cubs?
Adrian Peterson suspended by @Vikings but continues to draw salary of almost $700,000 a week. That'll show him!
Make the most of this day. Whatever that means to you, whatever you can do, no matter how small it seems.
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Breslin’s Rule: Don’t trust a brilliant idea unless it survives the hangover. JIMMY BRESLIN #amwriting #writing
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No words. MT @ParraV: UN to cut rations for 4 million Syrians by 40 percent in Oct:…
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Vote for & against arming Syrian rebels bipartisan. Reps listened, debated, voted conscience. I could get used to that.
@nprscottsimon Please share this message from actor Richard Thomas about school theatre censorship. Thanks!
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Our wife told daughters this morning, "I know you wish you were being raised by wolves or iPads, but we're your parents."
Another day, another year I didn't win a MacArthur Genius grant. Guess I'll write a couple of tweets.
Recap "Adrian Peterson is innocent until proven guilty by law and will have our full, oh crap we lost a sponsor get him out of here for now"
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I don't get a vote on #Scotland But the impassioned but civil debate suggests they've created a great democracy together.
@nprscottsimon @Rick_Bayless If i died today many of my kids would just remember me as the bald guy brought home the overpriced green dip.
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