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Scott Simon
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This week's essay: Two Lions Of Journalism, Roaring To The Last Ben & Frank
Up ahead--Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo, partners in music and life for the long, glorious haul!
Why would a man volunteer to be a test for a new ebola vaccine? We'll ask. Then, world series, and return of Cowboys in sports...
"Distill today, sell tomorrow"--could be a motto for us, too, not just London gin makers.
OK, coming up: ballot props this fall; how one man's rant became a campaign; and juniper juice bustin' out all over in UK!
Up ahead: @jefflunden on new oratorio ;then @shawnlevy 's fine new DeNiro bio; & music for chill Hitch flicks.
Every @StoryCorps story we can run is extraordinary. Today's--"when you lost your son, you gained 20 sons"--especially so.
Up ahead: Nurrudin Farah on his new novel; & a doc who keeps a list growing longer. What does he learn from his patients?
Our able staffers record voice-overs on translations, which explains why an Egyptian Islamist sounds so North Carolina.
Thanks all for noticing sign above in this picture provides apt caption:
Up ahead: NY & NJ ready to quarantine health care workers returning from ebola zones; & Islamist violence rises in Egypt.
Good morning! In studio, caffeinated, & ready to leap upon the news like Lorenzo Cain on a liner into left-center field...
Wishing (former - waaaah! NPR librarian) @KeeMalesky a very happy birthday! We miss you!
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Greatest honor today since my wife married me: Lehmans of Chicago dedicated pillar at @nprnews
I have stood in my office on far too many afternoons, hearing about a school shooting. May all be safe.
A Mankiewicz story: reporters griped RFK deviated from speech text. Frank snapped, "Rob't Kennedy is not a text deviate."
Frank Mankiewicz, former @nprnews president, has died. Funny, fair man who helped created what so millions hear today. RIP
At horse show w/ daughters. The Shetland ponies say they want independence from English riding.
Two Scotts w/ beauties at Chicago literary awards. One has sold 50 million books, the other...
Mavis Staples getting Arts award from @chipublib tonight. Says, "Alright I'll return the book."
Any questions for Doris Goodwin & Larry McMurtry at @chipublib event?
Always a pleasure to be at @chipublib awards this year w/ Doris Kearns Goodwin & Larry McMurtry (& of course @ScottTurow).
Just back from the studio and a chat with @nprscottsimon about "De Niro: A Life." Tune in Saturday morning for the result.
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Nice to be back at @WBEZ studios & see photo of Sondra Gair, who kind of invented the place:
Modern hotel gripes: obscure on/off switches on lamps, phones. "Mood" lighting in elevators, hard to see floors. Etc.
These few lines -- from a letter from Woodward to Bradlee -- are some of my favorite sentences about journalism.
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Make the most of this day. Whatever that means to you, whatever you can do, no matter how small it seems.
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What is the idea in modern design that thinks it's desirable to hide & disguise on/off buttons?
Try to laugh til you snort at 1 pm ET today. George @GeorgeCarlinWay will be dedicated in NYC. @kelly_carlin
I hope the @washingtonpost gets a scoop on Ben Bradlee & Richard Nixon meeting...
Did you know that U.S. has an Asian Carp czar? John Goss, appointed by Pres Obama in 2010.
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I always wanted a presidential candidate to announce in an interview. Just happened: @rubenblades for president of Panama.
I think my iPhone has been bat mitzvahed: spell-check changes geyser to goyishe.
School mass: blue sweaters, halting piano, high, lovely voices, dancing candles, prayers not to embarrass daughter.
In prison I worked with women prisoners serving 10+ years for non violent drugs offences. 5 years for a woman's life? Crazy kind of justice.
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Just figured out: not so long ago "farm to table" was just life, not a restaurant theme.
I prefer this Welcome to New York by @julianvelard, called "New York, I Love It When You're Mean"…
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So @CNN is shows @BarackObama casting his early vote in Chicago. For the cameras he seems to be stopping at just one vote
Thanx for having me on the show @nprscottsimon. Appreciate chance to talk about our #TradeMission & putting #CommercialDiplomacy into action
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Our 6th grader did this with no high-priced advice from Karl Rove or Ron Klain:
Family had to tell me tonight, "Step away from the risotto, Mr. Simon..."
This week's essay on how candidates with low poll numbers can leave an impression in life: