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NOW Magazine
You’ve probably never heard of stage artist Olivier Choinière or the $100,000 Siminovitch Prize. Why is that?
Tomorrow's cover: It's Chow time!
Tired of pumpkin spice ales? Us, too. Try some of these APAs instead:
Make sure to check out our new contests at to win Amazing Prizes! #ThinkFree #ContestClique
Latin-Canadian Alameda Theatre closes with a festival of new works
Fashion week: Merecedes-Benz ponied up dough for designers this year, but our fashion industry needs more. #wmcfw
John Suriano shares how he became a maintenance and construction electrician, and what his day-to-day life is like:
We're watching with shock at the situation in the capital. We're thinking of you, Ottawa.
Fresh dish: Kanpai Snack Bar is replacing Ginger in Cabbagetown, and Yorkville welcomes Buca
NOW endorses Olivia Chow for mayor:
Toronto's @G987FM president and CEO is planning to launch Canada's version of BET next fall:
ICYMI: the beloved El Mocambo palm tree sign is for sale on eBay.
Video: From transit to jobs, NOW’s @SabrinaMaddeaux finds out how the Oct. 27 election will impact Gen Y’s future
William H. Macy's directorial debut Rudderless is a small movie, and that’s just fine:
Wondering what will happen to the beloved El Mocambo sign after the club closes? Oh, it's on eBay:
There’s an admirable clarity in director Allen MacInnis’s production of family-friendly To Kill A Mockingbird:
ICYMI, the Emmet Ray has Trish Gill (of the Dock Ellis) creating what she calls globally inspired comfort food:
On album six, Toronto’s Oh Susanna (Suzie Ungerleider) sounds pretty comfy breaking out of her comfort zone.
Illumination is the theme in Stephen Andrews’s new painting and drawing show. Our 4-N review:
Video: From transit to jobs, NOW’s @SabrinaMaddeaux finds out how the Oct. 27 election will impact Gen Y’s future
Which mayoral candidate has the best plan to tackle systemic issues at City Hall? #TOpoli
Now is an excellent time to raise your game, LIbras: #freewillastrology
ICYMI, @johnsemley3000 broke the NOW review system and gave last weekend's King Diamond show 666 trillion Ns:
Instead of breaking up, Foxygen made a psychedelic, noisy third album
ICYMI: 48 hours on the frontlines with WoodGreen workers
Cask Days are almost upon us!
These Final Hours is a movie where the end is not just nigh, but in the process of arriving:
Could eating invasive species be the best way of dealing with them?
Ranked ballots, term limits, shorter elections... Where do the mayoral candidates stand on governance issues?
The Art of Building a Bunker raises thorny ideas, but the show is often driven by humour.
Steph Cameron: a voice, guitar and a bit of harmonica – just a woman in a room laying her music onto 2-inch tape.
The Humber vs. the Don Valley: which is best for a nature lover’s day trip? #eastvswest
Hamilton locals complain that recent arrivals from Toronto are infecting the political culture of Steeltown:
The Wooden Sky played 3 sets at 3 record stores this weekend, biking to each one with instruments on their backs.
It's legging season, but which brand is the greenest?
Could eating invasive species be an ethical solution to the problem?
After all the hype about Christine McVie's return to touring with Fleetwood Mac, it's still the Stevie Nicks show:
King Diamond's show last night earned a "666 trillion" N review. Here's why:
The Art Of Building a Bunker, about an office worker forced to take sensitivity training, will make you laugh and cry
A U.S. war resister living in Canada speaks out against Harper’s decision to go back to war in Iraq:
There’s not a lot going on in Tu Dors Nicole, a weird, beguiling coming-of-ager, and that’s perfectly fine.
Listen to Several Futures, who play Handlebar tonight:
Everyone’s on shaky moral ground in The Betrayers, the Giller shortlisted novel:
King Diamond, still theatrical and DIY after 30 years:
Wanted: The perfect outfit for watching Netflix all weekend
48 hours on the frontlines with WoodGreen's social service workers, who are on strike
After lots of threesomes, one woman is questioning whether she still wants another woman in her life.
Normally, the TDSB trustee races are a bit of a snooze. Not in this election: #topoli
Heard of a nutria? Chefs in the south are cooking the river rats up in an effort to beat back this invasive species:
Our critics pick the best movies opening this weekend: